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Spring clean yourself!

Hi everyone

It's that time of year where many of us are feeling the urge to make way for the new season, to spring clean what they don't need any more, and to make way for new abundance.

The concept of detox is a very powerful one, and far-reaching. It is not only important to detox our bodies, but our thoughts, and all that we carry inside us.

Are we thinking, acting, behaving and feeding ourselves in a way that supports our highest good? If not it's time to detox!

Take some time in nature to renew, or pamper yourself. Book a healing session if you've got cluttered up inside, or freshen up your home - you can flow so much better when there's not old stuff everywhere.

Take a look at your diet, your body's not the same as it was a year ago. What serves you now?

If you need to detox your digestive system, you can use Herbal Fiberblend. It's marvellous and an easy way to get the rubbish out of your gut, so you can breathe easier, lose weight, feel lighter, and get rid of that stiffness, aches, pains or niggles with food. Check out the Herbal Fiberblend page on this website if you don't know the product well (I can send it to you anywhere in Aust. or NZ if you'd like some)

If it's healing you would benefit from, you know what works for you, call me if you'd like any suggestions or if I can assist!

I wish you a wonderful season of detoxing yourself on all levels to be the person you want to be!

Many blessings,

"Abdominal pain from surgery gone!"

"Every time I sneezed, my stomach used to hurt.  A CAT scan showed that there was a hole in my belly, so I had umbilical hernia surgery, which included a mesh to fill up the hole.  After this, I still did not feel right.  I had abdominal pain on the right side where the procedure was done.  My general surgeon prescribed an intravenous CAT scan, and all the results were negative.  I then had an ultrasound and a gall bladder sonogram, which all came back negative too.

In the search for answers, I came across a nutritionist who prescribed Herbal Fiberblend and AIM Garden Trio.  I began taking them on Wednesday and slept through the night with no pain.  To my amazement, I lifted myself out of bed on Thursday morning with no pain and even put on a pair of jeans.  I have felt no pain since"  Joanne Golden (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"I lost over 30 kgs with Herbal Fiberblend"

"In preparing for back surgery, I was advised to lose some weight.  On the recommendation of a friend, I joined AIM. There was one product in particular I wished to try, Herbal Fiberblend.

I credit this product with helping me lose more than 30 kgs.  I feel incredible.  My self confidence is up, the weight loss is evident, I have more energy, my diabetes medicine has been cut in half, I am less depressed.  I feel the best I have in 20 years.

Thanks so much AIM for making such a quality product.  I am looking forward to using it the rest of my life.  I am also loking forward to a much more active social life now that I am feeling better.  It's wonderful"  Henry Litt (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"Sharp chest pains gone with Herbal Fiberblend"

"The number one product that has made a huge difference for me over the years is AIM Herbal Fiberblend.  I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome after never understanding what was wrong with me.  After starting on Herbal Fiberblend about nine years ago, I started noticing that my more serious symptoms were going away.  I used to have sharp chest pains that I now know were directly linked to my digestive problems.  I no longer have those pains"  Amy Houston (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

It's time to detox!

Hey everyone!

It's getting to that time of year where you let yourself relax and recover from a huge year, and often the good disciplines and dietary habits go out the window!

What better time than to start the month with a detox, just to take care of your liver and give your body the best chance to handle all the things going on around it.

I have been using Herbal Fiberblend for over a year now and have noticed a number of great results. At first I had some very embedded blockages in my gut which had been there since childhood, in fact when my spine was first forming my little legs couldn't walk properly and I was given calipers to learn to walk. I ended up with a sway back and scoliosis and was eventually put into ballet class (which I hated) to try to correct my posture. Little did I know, until late last year when I started using Herbal Fiberblend, that the spinal issues were actually very microscopic parasites that I had at the age of 2!!!

They had got into my gut and deteriorated my gut lining and caused me a whole raft of problems, including sensitivity and eventual food allergies. Nobody back then thought a detox was needed, in fact, it wasn't even talked about, but that would have probably saved me decades of pain.

Since I did a full detox using Herbal Fiberblend my back actually completely let go of all that old matter and I actually felt my spine change shape.

Now these are drastic results and I also used intuition to completely tailor my diet at that time to be highly minimal, so this isn't what everybody would experience.

But gut issues are an epidemic, causing everything from scoliosis to bad breath to poor concentration, headaches, poor digestion and elimination, sensitivities and digestive diseases, just to name a few. In fact, if you have unexplained medical issues and you haven't done a good detox yet - one that not only clears any bugs (toxins) but also fully repairs your digestive tract - maybe it's time.

The body is complex and I do find that combining intuitive healing with the right products can give you complete results. And on a product level, that the combination of ingredients in Herbal Fiberblend are usually enough to do the work by itself, if you stick to it.

You just need to take enough for your body to get the digestive balance it has been needing for so long.

If you're interested in trying some, or working on your digestion, please let me know and I'll give you more information.

Cheers, Dianna