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I often receive many lovely emails from those on my list, like those below, who are happy to have received them. 

I share about intuition, self love, getting the most out of life, the way we perceive life… insights to help you move forward in life.  I only write when I’m inspired, so I always feel like I am writing for those who are seeking answers with their thoughts and feelings, and my intuition tells me what to write on a subconscious level.  That’s why so many people write back to say that they felt like that message was just for them!

In addition to that, I advise of local healing events like psychic fairs and expos, and from time to time have free tickets or other opportunities, as well as details about the things I offer.  That’s why I’ve asked for your location, to guide me where to offer things (this can be a city, country or region).

I’d love you to join the list and I hope these messages can help you.

“You have no idea how much sense that made to me”

“Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And didn’t that come at a time when I needed to hear it…  So out of the blue, but you have no idea how much sense that made to me, and how I really needed that.  Thankyou xxx”  Janet 

“I read every single word”

“Hi Dianna.  I love all the emails you send through.  I am not normally an email person and I don’t like reading email newsletters and tend to delete them, but your emails tend to be the ones that I would always read every single word of and love it.  Thankyou for sharing your world with me and I look forward to many, many more.”  Lin

“I enjoy reading your words of wisdom”

“Hi Dianna.  I really appreciate reading your thoughts and so happy that your sharing has come my way.  I will  look forward to see & feel what a difference this makes to myself.  I so enjoy reading your words of wisdom.  Best wishes”  Alison

“Your emails make me happy”

“Hi Dianna, your emails always make me happy and you definitely have a gift with words, it is pleasant to read them.”  Angie

I’d love you to join the email list to continue to receive these messages.