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Superfood Fasting testimonials

Skin is not producing acne!

Hi everyone

Normally I still have that problem 'teenage' skin on my face, where I find that I get blemishes easily and my system always seems to be producing the sebum associated with acne.  It seems to be a constant, even into my late thirties, it never seems to have cleared up.

The only time I have noticed this changing is when I have fasted, and in particular on this Superfood Fast, it's like my skin has just stopped producing this excess residue.  I haven't had a breakout for days now, and my whole system has calmed down.  Makes you wonder what normal food is doing if the skin needs to push it out all the time, doesn't it.  The skin is the largest organ in the body so it's no surprise to see it clearing up easily when excellent health products only are going in.

If you have skin problems, whether that's psoriasis, acne or it just not glowing the way you want it to, try the Superfood Fast - it will definitely start clearing things up!

Blessings, Dianna

Blood sugar levels have improved!

Before I went on the Superfood Fast, I could feel my blood sugar levels were not in balance.  When I hadn't eaten for a while, I would get desperately hungry.  This would leave me unfocussed, unable to concentrate on anything else and irritable until I ate.  I decided to add a few specific AIM products to my fast to address this.  One was GlucoChrom, known to help balance blood sugar levels.  Another was Prepzymes, which gets all the digestive enzymes working again and gets rid of autotoxicity of undigested food in the gut.  The last was Flora Food, a probiotic to add the healthy intestinal flora back in.

Even though I am still on the fast and haven't returned to normal food yet, I can feel my system has stopped panicking about food.  Even if I haven't had anything for a while, my body just cruises along without any stress.  It's so nice to get my digestive balance right, after always feeling so affected by food!

Regards, Dianna Julia

Monthly cycle has greatly eased!

For the ladies... I was amazed that during the Superfood Fast that the normal gut wrenching cramps sensations I get at least a couple of times during my cycle, just didn't happen.  If I felt my tummy I could feel them down below but at about one tenth of their normal intensity.  It was funny, I almost stuffed up my normal routine of when to go to the toilet - as I just didn't feel the usual angst happening!

I often feel the feminine cycle is the body's chance to purge whatever hasn't been right over the month, but with such a limited intake and no blocking foods going in, there was nothing to purge.  That's why my body has been so calm.

I know not everybody feels comfortable talking about this topic but I think many ladies just take for granted what there body is doing and don't realise they can make a difference to it, when they can!

Regards, Dianna