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Amazing feedback for 'Access Your Intuition' Course!

Hi everyone

I thought you might be interested in knowing there's an upcoming Access Your Intuition course, if you or anyone you know is interested in attending or find out more, please let me know! All the details are below.

Many blessings Dianna


The proposed date for the next Access Your Intution course is: Saturday 4th June 2011 in Kooralbyn, S.E. QLD.
If there are many participants from one area, eg Byron Bay or the Gold Coast, the course may be moved to suit them, or alternate ones can be scheduled.


Hi everyone

I have been offering a series of workshops around Australia to help people access their intuition and have been blown away by the feedback, so am excited about bringing it to you now!

It's so much more than just intuition, as in order to be able to easily receive intuition you need to be clear and balanced. So there's a huge amount of healing involved, which can help in every area of life. Here's what some of the participants had to say!:

" 'Access Your Intuition' gave me a new and positive outlook to life. In a way I may go as far to say that it has changed me as a person, the way I look and think about things. Dianna healed me in more ways than one. A lot of old pain was dug out and healed. I am grateful for the chance to attend this workshop. It was the best money I've spent on gaining knowledge that is invaluable and will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you so much" Haffsah

"I feel very spoilt, like I have been given the most precious tools for living. How did I manage without them before? Dianna will encourage you and give you gentle guidance to find the clarity that is always there inside you hiding behind your beliefs and programming. You will come out of the day smiling, clear and grounded and feeling like you have been given a chest full of treasure to take away with you. A very big hug for you Dianna!" Luisa

"Thankyou, Dianna Julia, you really are a jewel. Today's workshop has been precious for me, opening me back up to the higher being I am, from the human doing." 'Big Hugg'

"I personally got a lot out of the 'Access Your Intuition' course, it was enlightening and uplifting after removing my old stale blocks. I left a very much lighter person, both emotionally and spiritually" Yvonne

" 'Access Your Intuition' has helped me to open up more to the world around me. Dianna has given me tools to go forward and use on a daily basis. I feel more grounded and at peace in the world" Malcolm

A participant who did the course a few months ago said:
"I've been going great since the workshop! I've been using my intuition for everything I can get answers for. It's a whole new way of making decisions! For example, I now use intuition to buy my groceries, and I must have saved a third off my food bill! People used to say to me 'You need to buy that because it's good for you', but now I just buy exactly what my intuition tells me I need, and it's perfect. I also had a friend I was massaging who had a bad neck pain, and intuition told me straight away where the pain was coming from. I explained this to my friend and as we talked about it, the pain just left, without me really having to do anything else. I'm loving it, it's such a great way to live life... I can't wait to do even more with it" David

As different people are at different places with their intuition, the workshop structure allows for this. It's $480 for the whole workshop, and normally I charge $120 / hr for healing work, so it's a great price! Some people may need longer time, others shorter, and in a group we will know how long we will need once all participants are confirmed. Generally if its less than 4 or 5 people we can do it in a day, depending on the people, so let me know if you're interested!

It may suit some people better to talk to me about a private arrangement, I will do my best to accommodate requests and can also potentially do private sessions on intuition at the hourly rate rather than the workshop if preferred.

The workshop will be held on days to suit. If there are a large number of people interested, we may need more time, and this can be arranged as required. Please ask if you have any questions, as I can also organise a free introductory discussion as required.

If there is not a workshop scheduled in your area, I can also arrange to conduct the course on Skype, or even the phone. Skype is great as it's like being in the same room through our computers, and it's free, and the phone can also work if I email you some of the files that you'll need. This may suit people who don't want to wait for a course to be held in their area and would like a personalised one in this way!

I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

Regards, Dianna



Venue: To be confirmed, based on those attending

FREE Introduction - As required
A short discussion can be arranged in person, or in a group night if there are a number of interested participants
This will cover what we will be doing, the basis of this approach, and answer any questions.

The workshop:

1 day for a small group, 9am-5pm as required (other arrangements are possible, just ask)
Part 1 -
* Get your intuition 100%, out of your head and trusting yourself!
* Find your way of accessing your intuition that works for you, and checking that it's accurate
* Start doing your own readings and healing yourself with your new experience of your intuition
* Apply this to many areas in your life- relationships, career, direction, health, spirituality...

Part 2 -
* Your intuition will become stronger and more stable
* We work on all the things in your life that would take your intuition away, so it is easy to stay in your intuitive connection and not lose it as soon as you go back to your real life!
* These will include diet, environment, relationships, spiritual practices and more - there are lots of things here that you will start to uncover
* Become a more powerful healer as we proceed - you will get lots of practice using your intuition to help yourself, so that you can keep doing this beyond the weekend!

The cost is $480, $430 concession. Payment plans are available, please ask! - credit card, bank deposit and cash are accepted.

Additional options:
* Adam & Eve Essences will be available at the course, as we will use them to help access our intuition - feel free to bring yours if you have them.
* Private sessions will be available either during or before the course - if you can't attend the whole workshop, or if it's cheaper or more suitable to do it individually. Please contact me to discuss if you think this might apply to you.

"I can really see how to do it now"

"Thank you for opening up so much of your knowledge"

"A wonderful day of intuitive learning, love & trust"

"I left knowing my life has changed forever"

"I learnt to listen to my true intuition"