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Healing With Intuition Course

Following the Access Your Intuition course, I have been guided that this was the first part of a four level workshop series.  The second level is training in Healing With Intuition.

Intuition_Courses_psychic_healerAs your intuition comes through, you can apply it to many areas of life.  I have used intuition in my healing work to resolve many obstacles and health problems in my life, and for those I have worked with.  Just to give you an idea, I have worked on everything from averting the need for surgery, helping people with cancer and chronic conditions, to matters of the heart and direction / clarity in life.  You name it, using intuition can help... because your intuition knows everything... if only you could ask it.

This is what we'll be doing in this course, learning how to work with intuition for the purpose of resolving barriers within ourselves and our work, with others, or whatever calls us.

The course follows 'Access Your Intuition' so naturally this is a pre-requisite.  From this basis, you will learn to become an Intuitive Healer!

You may be interested in primarily focussing on yourself, or adding to your body of knowledge.  It is a modality that you can practise outright or it can be combined and utilised within whatever other type of work you do... so you don't have to change your business cards or call yourself a healer if you don't want to, or you can if you like!  The tools and techniques will be presented, and I will work with you to fulfil your intuitive abilities.

This is one of the most significant benefits of this type of approach, is that you don't have to abandon what you already know.  In fact, it fits right in and allows you to combine and enhance all the other modalities you have ever worked with, to give your clients the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.  It is an intrinsic and connecting approach, that combines but does not take from all the other things you already offer, but integrates them in a way that is profound and life-changing.

As with the Access Your Intuition course, the format will be tailored to the participants.  For most people, the course will take one day, or two days if done in a group, and will cost $800 ($750 concession).  Some people may require more assistance, as they have not done as much healing work on themselves, and if extra time is needed beyond the course that will be priced at $200 per hour.  This pricing structure reflects that this is professional development (ie you can earn an income with this work), as well as that I am giving away my secrets (it is exactly the techniques I use to work with clients so I will be teaching you effectively how to do my work!!!)

Rather than do an introductory evening for this course, I will conduct discussions via phone or Skype (free video conferencing) or in person if I'm local, if you are interested in attending.  As the 'Access Your Intuition' is a prerequisite you will already have a good idea about how I will be working.  It becomes really easy actually, just ask your intuition if you need to do this course!!!  Of course I can then advise how how long you will need, and what times and dates might be possible in your area, as well as whether we will do it privately or in a group setting (it's amazing either way, in person it's one-on-one attention, and in a group you will learn a lot about healing from the others!).  Payment plans are possible if required, just ask.

It could be a great opportunity with the way the world is going... the global economic crisis, diseases, natural disasters.. wouldn't it be good to be working for yourself with healing, keeping yourself healthy and present and doing work you love?  Helping people in need, working whenever you want to at places that inspire you, keeping your costs low by tailoring your approach to suit your needs - and ultimately doing what you're here to do!

Here's what a recent participant said about 'Intuitive Healing':

"I did the 'Intuitive Healing' workshop with Dianna and it set a whole new course for me in becoming a professional healer. Before the workshop I only ever thought that I would do the types of healings I did on a casual basis for friends when they needed it, but during the workshop Dianna helped me to realise that I had all the resources to do healings on a professional basis with confidence and in line with my true passions of where I wanted to take it. She helped me to heal deep-seated issues holding me back from seeing the value I can give to other people and she helped me to intuitively discover the exact steps I needed to take, starting immediately, to move towards the goal of being a professional healer. Three days later, I had my first client! But the biggest value I got from the workshop was that the processes Dianna took me through to discover exactly what I needed to do to become a healer using my intuition, I found I was able to use for just about anything. Anything that I want to achieve now, I just run through the same processes and in a few minutes I know exactly what to do to achieve it."  David

I look forward to hearing from you if you're interested or if you have any questions!

Many blessings,

Healing With Intuition - A workshop tailored to you!


  • To be confirmed, depending on participants

Course locations details


  • This will be held if required.  A short discussion can be arranged in person for any interested participants
  • This will cover what we will be doing, the basis of this approach, and answer any questions


  • 1-2 days, 9am-5pm as required (other arrangements are possible, just ask)


  • What is intuitive healing?
  • What are the principles of working with intuition?
  • How do I create an environment for doing my work?
  • How do I apply the different techniques I already know within my approach, for profound results?
  • How do I work with clients?
  • What are the keys to setting up my own practice (in your home, or workplace)?
  • How can I apply this to other areas in my life and professional interests?


  • Your abilities to use intuition in your work will become stronger and more stable
  • We work on all the things in your life that would take your intuitive abilities away while you work, so it is easy to stay in your connection and not lose it as soon as you go back to your real life!
  • These will include diet, environment, relationships, spiritual practices and more - there are lots of things here that you will start to uncover
  • Become more powerful as we proceed - you will get lots of practice using your psychic abilities to help yourself, so that you can keep doing this beyond the weekend!


  • The cost is $800, $750 concession.  Please contact me for a payment plan or to pay separately by credit card, bank deposit or cash (by arrangement with initial deposit)
  • As well as paying in full online, you can also choose to pay a $100 deposit online to secure your place, and as many $100 or $50 part-payments as you like until you pay your balance
  • Additional professional development sessions are available at $200 per hour as required



  • Adam & Eve Essences will be available at the course, as we will use them to help access our psychic healing abilities - feel free to bring yours if you have them
  • Private sessions will be available either during or before the workshop - if you can't attend the whole workshop, or if it's cheaper or more suitable to do it individually.  Please contact me to discuss if you think this might apply to you

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