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Intuition Courses
Amazing courses to enhance your intuitive abilities

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Fulfil your vision!  Your ideal life awaits you...

Would you like to be more intuitive, flow through life, and live your dreams like you've always aspired to? 


  • Would you like to be more in tune?  Maybe your intuition comes and goes, or your thoughts get in the way.  Do you fully trust yourself and know that it's accurate?
  • Do you know you have healing abilities, but never seem to quite get them working for you?  It's time to let your inner wisdom guide you here!
  • Do you have a powerful calling inside, but don't know how to manifest it in the world?  Do you find marketing yourself stressful and challenging, and want to release the difficulties now!
  • Do you sense it's just a matter of creating the space you need, and it will all come into being?  You have everything you need inside, now's the time to discover it! 

Dianna_intuition_coursesMy vision is to help as many people as I can to discover their innate abilities (using intuition), and live the life they are here to live.

This means being able to help yourself when challenges arise, and also to be powerful in manifesting and attracting what you need to fulfil yourself.

As this process deepens, you become more and more able to find the inner resources to create outward achievements.

Join me on this journey as these courses will assist you to fulfil your vision!

Four courses to enhance your intuitive abilities

Over four courses, I will teach you how to:

1. Have full access to your intuition (Access Your Intuition)

2. Learn how to use your intuition to heal yourself or others, and become a healer with it if you like (Intuitive Healing)

3. Learn how to market yourself using your intuition, and take your gifts out there! (Marketing Your Holistic Business)

4. Develop a consolidated vision and a plan to put it all into action (Vision Quest)

This may also suit those who have different careers but wish to bring intuition into them, to be more successful and more in tune with their own field of interest.

How are the courses held?

The courses can be done separately over any period of time.  They can be done in person, over the phone or by Skype (free video conferencing via your computer).  I will be visiting captial cities from time to time and will generally run courses then, or in between times using the other methods.

There is no prerequisite or level of ability for the first course Access Your Intuition, however the other courses must be done in order as they are a series.  The Vision Quest In Nature can also be done independently of the other courses.

Courses can be arranged privately.  Due to the high level of personal healing involved in achieiving the transformation necessary to get the results, it is often beneficial to run them for very small groups or even individuals.

Anyone wishing to work on the areas within each course but who cannot commit to the full course, are able to do this in individual healing sessions.  While this is generally more expensive per hour, if you only want one or two hours it can work out cheaper, or may be more convenient.

My goal in providing these courses is to help people interested in working with intuition in  healing or the workplace, to forge a successful career of their own.  As the needs of the individual can be so unique, please contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help you most effectively.

If you would like to book in for any of the courses, please do so here and I will contact you to arrange a suitable date if there is no course listed in your area.

Regards, Dianna

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"I can really see how to do it now"

"Thank you for opening up so much of your knowledge"

"A wonderful day of intuitive learning, love & trust"

"I left knowing my life has changed forever"

"I learnt to listen to my true intuition"