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Healing Sessions
Using intuition to help heal the source of pain & stress

Who would benefit?

  • Most people know if they are drawn to a session, they get a strong feeling that it is right for them at that time
  • I can work on other people at distance in your session, if you know they need assistance but would not be able to participate eg children, loved ones or those you are having challenges with, those who are sick or people overseas. Direct permission is preferred, but as this is not always possible the session can still flow if it's for their highest good and choice, and they will generally feel more peaceful & harmonious afterwards.
  • I can work on anything that has energy - houses, pets, loved ones who are no longer with us, nature, regions ... just ask, I have been asked to do some amazing things!


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"Such a release from the struggle" K.A.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared" Natalee

"The best energy healing experience I've had" Danielle

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful" Eric