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Healing Sessions
Using intuition to help heal the source of pain & stress

Techniques used

  • Many different healing techniques may be used in a session
  • These vary considerably depending on the person, situation and the issue we are working on
  • It often feels like a deep inward journey, that has been created just for you
  • A wide variety of techniques are used to balance aspects of our spirit and energy, as well as release emotions, or free up the physical body
  • This can include everything from meditation, asking for higher awareness, sharing insights, verbalising emotions, pain release, using music & sound & dance, yoga, creativity, visualisation, bodywork, releasing early childhood & trauma patterns, aromatherapy, massage and more
  • I have trained in and worked with many different healing modalities. My foundation is Kinesiology, which I use intuitively to quickly and dynamically 'read' the body.  I have also trained or participated in Intuitive Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Access Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Shamanic Healing (including spending time with Aboriginal Elders), Mind Body Dancing, Water bodywork, Nutrition & Detox, Improvisation, Channeling (lightworker) groups, Yoga and many communication / leadership programs, marketing and business development, to name a few
  • Most powerfully, I have had many experiences of 'soul recognition' with this healing work, meaning that deep down I have done this before, know exactly what to do and am simply trusting my innate abilities when I work.  How else can I explain that I knew how to do readings without ever being shown, and that people often say things like 'that was a fantastic counselling session' (which I have never formally trained in)... etc.
  • In fact, in simple terms, all I am doing is being completely present with you, and passing on what your highest wisdom wants to tell you, and giving you the complete connection with your own truth and ways to heal through that.  What exactly happens in the session, will be created when we work together!


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"Such a release from the struggle" K.A.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared" Natalee

"The best energy healing experience I've had" Danielle

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful" Eric