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Healing Sessions
Using intuition to help heal the source of pain & stress

Session locations & costs


  • Sessions can be held in any way that permits a flowing conversation, such as in person or by phone in Australia or by Skype or Viber at any location (not on email or text messaging)
  • The results are equivalent, regardless of which method is used.  This is because the foundation of the sessions is intuition, which provides all insights, independent of distance.  Techniques simply change to suit the method used


  • Phone sessions are generally the most convenient, and I will call you at our scheduled time.  You just need to be somewhere private and relaxing, without interruptions.  I will guide you through everything when we speak, like a deep facilitated conversation where you will also be involved throughout the process.  At times you might be asked to participate, or write things down, and this will be advised where relevant


  • Sessions can be held in person, if I am there
  • If I am in your area, I will usually advise by general email or on the site of which local healing opportunities are available, whether that is expos, private appointments or at a healing centre.  Please Join my email list or follow my Blog
  • You do not need to see me in person to address physical pain, as intuitive healing goes beyond the physical location, and can resolve issues equally well. In some cases I will recommend that you use Adam & Eve Essences massagers to assist your physical body
  • In person, I often work on a massage table and incorporate use of massage oils, but this is usually a small part of the session (unless requested) - and equally powerful results can be achieved in other ways


  • Sessions can also be held on Skype or Viber (you can install them on your phone or computer), allowing you to make free video calls anywhere in the world using the internet.  We only need to use it for the voice component, not the video, in most cases


  • No matter which healing techniques I use, it is all combined in  one session price
  • Sessions can be any length, starting at 15 minutes and lasting for up to 2 hours
  • I can guide you how long we'll need if you tell me what you want to work on, or if you have a budget or a time preference, then ask for the session time you'd like
  • If the session time chosen is not long enough to complete the process, I will advise this so the scope or time can be adjusted
  • Sessions are $140 / hour ($AUD), or 15 mins for $35, 30 mins for $70, 45 mins for $105 etc.
  • You can pre-purchase sessions at $120 / hour (minimum 1 hr). These may not be refundable, except at my discretion (these are designed for long term clients, not those who are unsure if they are likely to use them)
  • Professional sessions (focussing on business issues) are $200 / hour


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"Such a release from the struggle" K.A.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared" Natalee

"The best energy healing experience I've had" Danielle

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful" Eric