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Healing Sessions
Using intuition to help heal the source of pain & stress

Healing Sessions testimonials

"Such a release from the struggle"

"Hullo Dianna,

A brief note from me. When I reflect back on what happened for me at the Starlight Expo I recall the amazement I felt whilst with you and receiving your gift of love and understanding coupled with your skill in the Psychic Healing world that you live and breathe.

I recall the pleasure of such a release from the struggle I was suffering and have in many small ways continued to improve my lifestyle in a way to leave me free in the pursuit of peace and understanding. My heart has more peace and warmth, my mind is calmer and more understanding of my needs and my spirit is alive and well. This not to say that I am super super, just that with your help I have become much more comfortable in my body mind and soul.

Once again my heartfelt thanks for your energy and the role you have played in my wellness. You have a place in my heart, the memory of your work with me will remain with me for years to come.

Kind regards and Best wishes", K.A.

"Everything you've done has worked"

"I've met a lot of people who say they are healers, or that they have healing abilities, which have turned out to be not the case.  All I know is that everything you've done has worked and I have felt the changes. Thankyou for what you've done for me" Richard

"I could feel something definitely let go"

"I could feel something definitely let go" F.C.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for"

"I've had a good healing like this in India but you just got straight to the point.  What you just did in 15 minutes I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared"

"I saw Dianna for a 15 minute session as I was having pain on the right side of my neck since the birth of my second daughter. This pain had been around for approximately 4 months. As I can be a bit of a sceptic, I didn't expect much but was willing to give anything a try as the neck pain was causing headaches. I have found that after the session the pain had instantly disappeared and has not returned since. I would highly recommend anyone with muscular aches and pains to see Dianna" Natalee

"My kidney stone's lesson for me"

"This has been written just after Dianna completed a healing for me which incorporated all that she speaks about.  I experienced this first hand as I was the one she worked with and believe me it is real.  I have been struggling to find the answer to a blockage I felt needed to be removed to help me move on.  However hard I tried, something eluded me and I was not able to budge it.  The connection I had to this timely clearing coincided with a trip to the hospital to have a kidney stone removed.  I came out of the anaesthetic to hear the doctor say that he could not reach the stone once again (this was the second attempt).  The amazing part is that the kidney had become twisted (even seen on X-ray), to stop access with his small camera, to travel down inside the kidney to grab the stone which is in the bottom lobe and is impossible to release through the bladder.

Dianna confirmed what I knew to be true.  The stone had formed into a solid mass to remind me of an important lesson in letting go and was a considerable health challenge.  Only after I understood what I had to do was it time for it to be released.

I just know that soon my kidney issues will be dissolved and am in awe of the depth that this work can take you.

I wish to thank Dianna for the inspired work she does which has helped me to become a more connected healer and I am looking forward with excitement to playing my part as a healer."  Lisle

Footnote, 11 days later:

I'm home from hospital and overcame the kidney issue.  I'm moving on liberated, happy and lighter. The kidney stone was smashed and is gone.  The post operation was painful but full recovery is expected.  The operation went well, no problems.  My spiritual growth was amazing.  There should be no more if I keep hydrated, hopefully I don't need that lesson again!

Before this operation the kidney was twisted, and not allowing instruments to go in.  The healing work that was done allowed the energy blockage to be removed, and the body corrected itself.

This time I think it looked smaller on the xray and less intense.  I won't ever know for sure, as they sucked it out through the bladder and took the stent out.

I'm feeling very relieved.  I have had nearly 3 years trouble and now no more worries!  I'm very happy to have had such a learning experience.  Third time lucky!  Lisle

"I usually only trust myself"

"I really wanted to tell you how much I trust in your work. The space you set and your job as a facilitator of your own brand of healing work which is very powerful, I was drawn to you for that reason that you are a highly motivated and aware being. I usually trust only my self with the work of healing myself.  I am very happy I trusted you though to help me with my leg, great to also have an insight into some of the reasons of childhood issues that created the accidents other than the obvious and karmic factors. Thankyou so much for the experience, I will certainly recommend you highly to others. In fact a friend of mine is really struggling with Bahma River virus, he often says how much of a rough time he's having with it. I'll mention it to him, let me know your thoughts." Matt

"The best energy healing experience I've had"

"When the session started I wasn't sure what to expect yet I felt peaceful. Throughout the session I was very supported and felt comfortable to go into anything that came up. I even saw in my minds eye the healing energy coming from my own hands. This was very powerful as it gave me trust in myself and also allowed me to go deeper into what has been holding me back. I also felt the loving care from Dianna at all times. She knew when it was the right time to allow my own power and intuition to come forward but was there to guide and assist at some points. I was able to identify something that had been holding me back considerably and to be able to let that go and also understand how it came about was such a release. I felt very light afterwards and almost cried in relief to feel so free.  The most beautiful and impacting part of the session was near the end when I had this image of the dark experiences being transmuted into light and felt my magnificence.  I honestly can say it was the best energy healing experience I have had." Danielle

"Such a great gift you have"

"I just wanted to thank you for the short healing that you helped me with at the Bangalow MBS festival.  It really helped me to look face on at my insecurities.  It is such a great gift and blessing that you have to share with this world.  With Metta (loving-kindness)", Lydia

"I look younger after the healing session"

"Thank you so much Dianna. I felt so much calmer and stronger after speaking to you last night. It lasted throughout the day today and I was mindful about accepting and receiving instead of just giving... I even think I look younger after the healing session!" Karen

"You were right on"

"l saw you 2 years ago at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and you were right on.  l have to say, some of the things you said to me l didn't like but, l knew they were true.  l have been doing classes, hands on healing, perception, energy, colour, EFT and one-on-one sessions with a spiritual therapist. l have also just recently discovered Kinesiology.  My 6 year old daughter had Bells Palsy and doctors said they could do nothing. Three weeks later with Kinesiology and healing massage, my baby has fully recovered.  l would love to see what you get around me and my family. You are honest and very good at what you do."  Rachael

"Dianna's emphatic skills are extraordinary""

"For a whole year Dianna was part of my life journey. I went almost every fortnight to explore and enhance all aspects of my life including professional career and relationships. Dianna uses a unique mix of tools including dancing, energetic healing, narrative counseling and massage with her own range of essential oils. This way the sessions were uplifting and at the same very educational. Dianna’s emphatic skills are extraordinary. Quite often she could describe in an accurate way what’s going on in my life, including the people involved!  What was truly amazing about working with Dianna was her ability to initiate a process within me which resulted in real life changes. Dianna has a lovely personality and heaps of humor.  I have no hesitation in recommending her for individual development and healing work."  Uli

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful"

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful. You have the ability to see what is there, move straight in and allow the body to heal itself. I trust your skills to help people of all walks of life, and I will definitely call you up when I need more healing!" Eric

"I am more in control of my eating habits"

"I was constantly battling to control my food intake, feeling hungry and unsatisfied at most times, then I became upset and ate even more, like on a rollercoaster ride. After working with Dianna I began taking specific vitamins and products in suggested doses. After a couple of weeks I settled down and now I am more in control of my eating habits. I highly recommend Dianna for consultation and advice on self help management and improved lifestyle" Bianca

"There has been a shift in my thoughts"

"Dianna, thank you for the lovely healing you gave me. It has allowed me to explore an important issue I hadn't previously given much attention to. I feel as if there has been a shift in my thoughts, allowing me to look at it from different angles. I find this to be extremly helpful in moving through issues. Your intuition and guidance are inspiring. Once again thank you, I will be back for more" Rebecca

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience"

"The spiritual world has never been something I placed a lot of faith in but recently our house, which has been occupied by many different people over the years, seemed to be overwhelmed with negative energy.  I took a leap of faith and contacted Dianna and she suggested a method of cleansing known as Space Clearing.

Dianna was very open and forthcoming about the process and clearly explained the complete principles and methodology behind space clearing. Putting my scepticism aside temporarily, assisted by crystals we combined our energy in meditation and undertook the process step by step. There were also other members of the household involved in the clearing experience and together we experienced the flow of energy that filled our household, once the space clearing had reached a finality.

Dianna brought a vibrant energy with her and displayed a caring and non-judgemental attitude towards us and completed the task with a calm but certain authority. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I recommend Dianna to you as an intuitive, experienced and excellent guide for space clearing" Shaz

"Such a release from the struggle" K.A.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared" Natalee

"The best energy healing experience I've had" Danielle

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful" Eric