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Helping with depression

Hi everyone

I recently received this lovely testimonial from one of my clients dealing with depression...

"Dogged by life-long depression, I had nowhere left to turn.  I was reluctant to deviate from the medical path, but that had failed me too.  I was pleasantly surprised by Dianna's level-headed approach.  She helped me work through my condition, which I believed to be permanent and unshakeable.  After only a few sessions, my outlook on life improved dramatically"  BP, Writer, Gold Coast.

It got me thinking about even something like depression, which seems to present in similar ways, has such unique roots.  I have worked with a few different clients recently and very different processes have followed.

With one of my clients it was a lot about feeling invisible and unimportant, whereas with another it was more about feeling insecure and jealous.  Another just felt really burdened due to feeling unsupported as no one was there for her when she was younger, as other relatives stepped in to look after her.

All of these had common threads that they went back to childhood imbalances, but had manifested in many different ways.  With one she has been able to step away from the medication entirely, another is taking baby steps, and another we are creating an alternative system to allow her to transition.  The healing products I make, Adam & Eve Essences, have also helped them to feel stronger and more at peace as things have developed.

I have found that the medication, while it provides helpful ingredients, also suppresses and therefore inhibits the true acknowledgement of the deeper issues and therefore masks the healing.  It is a natural synergy, as we peel away the layers, each person has felt ready to change their dose without me needing to even suggest it.  They just take what meets their needs, which has meant that they have felt better and stronger, and therefore the need for medication has naturally, safely and in alignment with their medical processes, sorted itself out.

Naturally there are other benefits too, as you work on something like depression it also helps improve so many other areas of life - from wellbeing, to confidence, personal radiance / beauty, and even clarity, intuitiveness and fulfillment, just to name a few.

It's a journey I've been really privileged to assist on, if it feels like you or anyone you know has been struggling on their own with these kinds of issues, I'd be happy to help wherever I can.

Love to hear from you if I can assist.

Many blessings, Dianna


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The power of self-love to heal wounds

Hi everyone

I was just speaking to a lovely lady I've worked with, where many months ago she had a horrible accident where she reached for a kettle that slipped and she had boiling water poured down her arm.

She was rushed to hospital with serious burns and had to have procedures to restore her skin so it could heal.

Around that time we did a few sessions on healing what had happened, starting with the trauma, guilt and pain of going through all that.

A huge part of the healing was for her to develop a loving relationship with her arm, not to hate it or what had happened, but to embrace it.

She was telling me today that seven months on, it is still healing and the doctors are all amazed. She hasn't needed any further procedures, and about once a week, she lovingly talks to her arm and encourages it.

She also recounted a story of a friend of hers (who I haven't spoken to) who also had a similar accident. Her friend doesn't love her injury, is still having extra surgeries and it's not healing well. She's still upset by what happened and regrets it all.

My client and I also just shared what a wonderful healing experience this has been, that so often we take our body for granted and don't expressly love it, and what a difference it makes when we do. Our bodies really respond to what we give them on all levels!

We worked on a few more things to further unblock, realign and energise her arm to heal further, and she is also going to send more light into it through the soap she uses, every time she bathes it, to help it rejuvenate!

I hope this helps some of you with your pain or injuries, that you can start to love and embrace those parts of your body that need your support!

If you have had anything happen to you and you would like a hand to do this, I'd love to work with you to heal it in a session.

I can work over the phone anywhere in Australia so if it feels right I'd be happy to help.

Many blessings,


Distant healing gets great results!

Hi everyone

I enjoyed meeting everyone at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival, and I particularly enjoyed leading two talks on Accessing Your Intuition. I loved at the talk that many people started to get a much greater intuitive understand of where they were blocking themselves from receiving their own guidance. It is such a wonderful thing to have access to, to have a great life!

Now that I'm gone, I can work with your intuition and access that without needing to be there in person, so can accomplish almost any healing treatment even at distance! I once had a lady who had an aneurysm, a giant blood vessel in her neck that she was worried was going to burst - and I cleared it in 7 or 8 sessions, all without ever meeting her in person! She had some Adam & Eve Essences massagers which I guided her how to apply when we worked and I was able to resolve all the pain that was stuck inside there without ever physically touching her once. So it's possible, just ask!

Cheers, Dianna

Shoulder pain gone without touching!

Hi everyone

I had a number of highlights at the Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival, including leading a seminar on Accessing Your Intuition. It was an amazing space, and I know a number of people had some extraordinary experiences there and got really in touch with their deeper abilities. It was exciting to see the looks on everyone's faces as they started getting answers from their bodies and verifying things that were on their minds with their intuition. Pretty much everybody was able to get answers beyond what they would normally get - it was fantastic to experience.

Another highlight was doing sessions, and as always I get to meet many special people. One was a younger guy, still in his teens, who was amazed that I was able to get his shoulder pain to go,  with hardly any physical touch. The way I work intuitively, I get to the bottom of deep-seated tension and work with the psyche, resolving the situation that put the tension there in the first place. The physical then just takes care of itself, often without needing touch at all. That's why I can clear pain at distance, because its source is non-physical.  I loved that I was able to help him while he was still so young, before he adds another 20 or 30 years of stress and dysfunction to his shoulders. If only we sorted our 'stuff' out early on, we wouldn't have chronic adult diseases and pain like many of us experience later in life. The sooner the better, to be able to live your life freely!!!

Cheers, Dianna

How to have a great day every day!

Hi everyone

As I am working with people to help shift the barriers to fulfillment, self expression and love, I often finding that people are not filling up with the good things in life, it's like they're starved and not receiving lots of goodness. Health suffers, money and abundance suffers, and love of life suffers.

It makes a huge difference if you can look at life like it's full, not empty and this starts moment by moment.

One of the best things that has been shared with me is a little exercise you can do to help you have a great day every day. It was shared to me by someone who was so inspired at how many things started to go right and become more and more abundant after she started doing
it. My intuition said - I need to know this exercise and do it... and it's so simple, anyone can do it.

So, are you ready for it..... are you willing to do this and have a great life! Here it is!


All you need to do is write down 5 things a day that you're grateful for, in that day. I do it every day before I go to bed. Sometimes I don't bother writing them, I just say them to myself, and if I happen to miss a day I do double the next day.

The things can be ANYTHING. It really makes you start to appreciate the simple things in life.

The only catch is not to put anything down exactly the same as you've had before. Variations on a theme are fine, just not identical as you have to look outside your common experiences.

To give you an example, five things I am grateful for today are:
1) The girl in the Noodle bar restaurant today brought my meal to me even though everyone else collected theirs at the counter, and she had such a joyous smile and happiness about her, she even made sure that my special meal request was spot on
2) I was able to collect an item from the Post Office today that I thought might not get here until Monday, freeing up my whole day on Monday!
3) A friend showed me some great tips about communication today which I can't wait to try out
4) A special friend was available this morning and we had an amazing chat which I so appreciated!
5) I got the sweetest hug from a lady today and it felt like bliss!

So, did I have a great day - YES! Even just reading these back makes me feel uplifted! Did everything go right today NO! Do the things that weren't great really matter in terms of my quality of life NO!
It's your attitude and what you focus on that give you a great life and when you start to appreciate things, the universe sees your abundance and gives you more and more great things! Try it today! Let me know if you're doing it and if you have any great experiences
as a result! Enjoy!

With love and gratitude for all the special people that I've connected
with in my life, Dianna

He looked like a wild man

Hi everyone

It was awesome to see you all at the Starlight Festival just finished in Bangalow, it's such a beautiful show.

It's always hard to pick a highlight as there are so many beautiful people and special moments (I cried numerous times with you too!), but wanted to tell you a story of a man I met.

He turned up at the end of one show day and looked like a wild man. He seemed authentic and asked for a session but the show was closing so we picked a spot, outside under a tree. I had my reservations - would he not pay? Do something strange or distressing or hurt me? I just had to trust my intuition, which said he was fine. He proceeded to offer me a joint! (never touched one in my life), and then said, 'I didn't think you would want that, sorry'. He then told me about all the weird hallucinogens he'd tried, all in a quest to 'find god' or 'find his connection'. So over the next 45 mins that's what I did, helped him find his connection. Lots of stuff came out about abuse and violence and being on the wrong side of society but he was ready to let it go. Then I had to pull this entity off him. For those of you who don't know, entities are like creatures from the dark that stick to you in times of distress and don't want to go. They can make you foggy, disjoint, suppressed, or feel lots of pain and distress. His entity was the worse I'd ever seen, it was so stuck to him because of all the drugs he'd used. It was a $%^&%^ to remove but I got it out. He just lay there after literally glistening with light and sparkling all over, like he was reborn. He was so thankful he even called out later 'I love you' and gave me a big tip, and bought a success essence roll-on to help him stay in this new space. Wow, I cried after this session too, he was so happy and peaceful. He thought he had been going crazy and it was just stuff. It was such a privilege to help.

Thank you too to the two beautiful women with the detox retreats, who sent me so many friends to have a treatment, it's amazing to feel so appreciated.

Have a beautiful day,

cheers, Dianna

Best $30 I've ever spent

Hi everyone

"That was the best $30 I've ever spent", shared one of my clients as she got off the massage table at our stand, and everyone there commented that her face had changed and softened as we had released some old stuck energy in her body.

That was typical of the events of the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival, which kept us all very, very busy.

In particular, I had casually mentioned that I had always won every time I had to got to court (for motor vehicle stuff) because of these approaches... on one occasion the courtroom was filled with angels and the police prosecutor changed sides to actually help me win the case even though he was there to prosecute me initially!!!

Well, that lead to helping quite a few people with legal issues, and my guidance showed me that in order for them to resolve their indifferences to a win-win I had to help them to become fully intuitive.

So, we worked on legals and clearing the way to be fully present!!!

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand, if you purchased Adam & Eve Essences, received a free roll-on massage, had a treatment or just visited... if there's anything you need to get you where you want to be, be sure to stay in touch!

With love, Dianna

Finding your voice!

Hi everyone

Recently I did a phone healing session with the last person I would have expected, a softly spoken European woman with a strong accent, who in the past, I would have struggled to even hear clearly.

When we worked together in the past, we worked on her voice, which had been whisper quiet, from a very strong and suppressive European upbringing.

Now she rang me again to help release her voice even further, as she has been doing vocal tuition.

She is about to audition for a singing role, extraordinary for a woman in her situation.

She has done so much work on herself since we first met, her voice is literally 80% stronger and so is her spirit.

She adores singing and is living her dreams... are you?

If there's a 'voice' waiting to get out inside and you're struggling to release it, maybe I can help you with healing that.. let me know!

Regards, Dianna Julia

Saving petrol easily!

Hi everyone

With the price of petrol these days and people talking about the economy, I had a powerful realisation about how to save on fuel costs that I thought you might be interested in.

Whilst driving in the outback, I had two separate 500 km stretches to travel, one after the other.

On the first stretch, I travelled at about 90-95 km/hr, with my van and trailer, and used about a tank and a half of fuel.

On the second stretch, my intuition said 'travel at 75-80 km/hr'. I did, and stuck to it, and used only 3/4 a tank!!!!!

I couldn't believe it, it was only about 15 km/hr difference, but fuel-wise it was massive.

Nobody minded where I was driving that I was cruising along, if they did they overtook. Only once did I have to drive faster, when an oversized vehicle situation arose.

Slow down, enjoy the drive, travel at your vehicle's optimal speed - and save heaps of fuel!

By the way, if you don't trust your intuition or wish you could develop it further to be able to tune into things easily, I can help. We're all intuitive, it's an innate part of us, it's just whether we choose to develop it or not. Clear the way for your intuition to come through and you will have access to higher guidance in many areas of your life!

Blessings, Dianna

25 years of pain gone!

Hi everyone

I've had an amazing year this year, travelling to the outback and doing a lot of healing work with people there. A few people stand out, there was one lovely older guy, a company director, who I got chatting to at a car mechanic's place in Alice Springs while I was getting work done on my car. I got an intuitive message for him to ask him about his knees, when he told me that he was told he'd have to have surgery on them but was hoping something else would come along instead. I told him what I did (using intuition to figure out what's going on, and a variety of techniques to resolve things), and he agreed to give it a go.

The great thing about working with him, was he was a very positive person and also had no concerns about money or time then, so we were unconstrained and I could do everything that his intuition was telling me was there. In his case, it was beliefs around his upbringing relating to his mum that had 'held him back' and literally, over the years, this fear had manifested as a physical pain in his knees. The crazy thing was, is he could have had surgery and the problem would still have been going on and cause another problem after that! So, in his case, we needed an hour and a half and afterwards he said the pain had completely gone. Next time we spoke he was literally jogging, running, and moving his legs like he hadn't done in 25 years, and could feel the muscles and no pain had returned!!!

There's no such thing as pain really, just layers of unresolved barriers, emotional and spiritual issues that sit underneath the surface and cause your body to exhibit pain and symptoms. If you created it, you can uncreate it. That's what healing is all about.

If you've got stuff going on that you need a hand with, please feel free to make a time with me at an event or over the phone. If there's enough interest from those who want longer sessions or who want to bring a group of friends together, please let me know in advance we'll make appropriate arrangements.

Cheers, Dianna

Comfort zone

Hi everyone

Aah, the comfort zone. At first it sounds like that relaxing place where things just happen without effort, and run like clockwork, but then it starts to sound more sinister. It is that place where no inspiration lies. Where days and weeks pass and you realise you've got really excited about the Royal Wedding and what she'll be wearing, but have very little to look forward to in your own life.

I have just turned 40 yesterday and climbed the hill behind my beautiful home for the first time. I took my journal and decided to a Day Vision Quest for what lies ahead. I realised that I have not been emailing you all tantalising tales of life, spirit working in mysterious ways, and discovering yourself along the way. I have been in my comfort zone. I apologise.

For some of you who I have met at recent events, you wouldn't even know of some of the adventures I used to have. Life begins at 40. Doesn't it?

So I have now created some exciting plans that require me to step outside of my comfort zone, just a little bit, but enough to feel truly alive again. I think it's time to see the world. If I don't, I can't be sure that what's been there before won't change and I'll miss out. It's time to go and tick some of my adventures off my list.

What about you? Are you living fully or just existing? Is your comfort zone really comfortable? Or is it just kind of familiar, safe and depressing. Are you clear what you need to be doing with yourself, or in the absence of this are you just being pulled along?

If you are wondering what is possible, just ask your intuition. It is your guiding light and knows all about what will work for you and what is needed for you to manifest what you want. I love helping to connect people to their intuition. Whether it's by doing my Intuition courses, or doing a session to focus on bring your intuition through more strongly, or using psychic ability to clarify direction and resolve barriers - there is a way forward, you just haven't found it yet.

If it's time to get off the couch of comfort zone and move forward and if you'd like to share that journey with me, please let me know. If I can help unblock your path with focussed healing work around intuition and direction that would be amazing! Love to hear from you if I can help.

Many blessings,

Expectations and getting your needs met

Hi everyone

I had some very interesting insights about expectations that I thought I'd share with you. I was just meditating on this, that when you expect someone to do something, or be there for you, etc, that you are creating a subtle pressure on them to come over to your world, be in your shoes, understand how you feel and act accordingly. Of course, it's lovely when that happens, but it can so easily lead to upset when it doesn't, and how easy then is it to turn it into ... they don't love me ... I'm not important ... I will never get my needs met.

We all know it's up to us to fulfil ourselves, to effectively meet our own needs, and in sharing this with others it's like a dance of synergies of how different people come together, at times in a supportive way, at times in a disjoint way.

The thing is, when you place expectations on another, it puts them back into their world of what you are asking of them. They have to then decide (usually subconsciously) whether they can shift their focus to that place where they can release their own needs in that moment, to consider the space they need to be in, to meet yours. None of which has anything to do with what you've asked for!

You see, if your expectation is to feel loved, and you ask this of someone else, it's all about them and whether they can cultivate that space or not. It has nothing to do, when expectations are involved, about you actually giving love to yourself.

It is actually counter-productive. The people we are with want to love us, it's biological. But as soon as we need them to, it's not our own feeling of love anymore, and we lose that ability to find that feeling inside.

The way to get what you want is not to have expectations around it, but to ask for what you want, to cultivate it, to generate it, to receive those feelings that are there.

As soon as you put it onto another person, it's game over!

If they are empathetic, they will do there best to help you to find those feelings in yourself, but it is only a temporary state until you can achieve that state of happiness in yourself.

Know that the people in your life love you, and will do their best. Work on releasing all those pressures (expectations) that make them prove it to you. It is always our subconscious programming that creates internal pressures and expectations, and these have come from things in past that we haven't worked through yet.

If you know your expectations of others to fulfil your needs are stopping you from really feeling loved, I'd love to help you with that. We can work on step-by-step dealing with your most troublesome expectations and re-integrating them into you so that you are free to be whole and complete.

With love,

Will my 'stuff' ever end?

Hi everyone

If you recall, I sent a message out a few weeks ago about our 'stuff', and how it can never seem to end some times, but that just meant we had a bit further to go.  The original message is below.

I received some wonderful replies (and then got waylaid in sharing them). So I thought, stuff it!!, it's not too late, I hope you can receive the fantastic gifts from these! Thanks so much to those who have shared them.

It's always wonderful receiving inspired feedback, it is heartfelt sharing that connects us and reminds us of who we are.

Much love,



"I find myself saying that it's not that I don't have those tough times anymore, its just that I get up quicker.

It seems I have been consciously gardening thoroughly for most of this journey. It seems now that only every now and then a big weed rears its head. And I realise 'Oops, I must have missed a bit of that one! Must have been really deep!'

But yes, I believe this work is finite. Because of my observations of my life thus far, I can see it does continue to get easier IF you put the effort into getting those roots out completely.

Thank you for sharing xx"


"So true! Just wanted to share with you a little saying I came across on the same theme - "It will all be ok in the end - if it's not ok - it's not the end:)"


"Only the other day did I gain some insight on this myself....

As I was growing up, I always had issues and stresses in my life, one after the other and many at a time. My friends always said that as soon as I deal with one issue I get bored and go out of my way to create another. This, at the time, I believed. And every time I struggled with my challenges in life and blamed myself, wondering why I continue to do this to myself. Only recently however did I gain further insight into this. I now view all my dilemmas and stresses in life as a positive opportunity of soul development enabling me to move forward, learn my life lessons and eventually be in total connection and oneness (in this life time or the next) with the greater power in which we all have come from. Stresses in my life are created BY ME because I CHOOSE to look within and deal with my life lessons in order to evolve. The more time in spend on healing myself, the more issues (or life lessons) I uncover, and these constant challenges are an indication of an evolving soul. Isn't this a GOOD thing? After all, isn't that why we are here? This is the life I chose and agreed to before arriving because I wanted to evolve. A life WITHOUT challenges, is a life NOT worth living. So embrace every stress, issue, challenge, lesson etc, knowing that they all add value to our life and keeps us living. This is our purpose. This is why we are here. To learn and develop. Enjoy the journey. EMBRACE EVERY MOMENT. What we have previously perceived as a negative, is actually a POSITIVE. So let's attack our problems with a new attitude and way of thinking. Let's enjoy life for what it really is and welcome our so called stresses with open arms. xoxo"


Will my 'stuff' ever end...???

Hi everyone

I just had a powerful conversation with a lovely woman, who I have worked with a few times to move through some of the barriers within. As we were speaking, it came to light that there can be this uncertainty that even if you work on things, that it seems like more just comes forward afterwards, and it never seems to end. If it's not one issue, it's another, so to speak.

What I was drawn to share with her, and here now, is that your stuff does end. It's just a matter of going deep enough and joining up all the critical layers within, that are out of place. It's a bit like weeding the garden, the plant will sprout again if there are any roots still in the soil, and they are given energy. What we can do is completely remove the roots, and take away the energy source, and then the root can be released completed... never to return.

Even though it may seem dealing with issues layer by layer is slow going, if it is done properly, you will notice that those layers do not return in exactly the same way. A related layer may arise, but with conscious effort, you can let some of those aspects go too. When I work, I am shown to show you as much as possible how to release those barriers yourself, and give you tools along the way - this is so you can start to hold your own space. People can often have resistance - why should I have to do this balancing for myself - I'd rather pay someone else to do it - but this stuff is your quality if life. If there is anything that it's worth being good at, in my view, it's how to keep yourself balanced, and clear, and peaceful in yourself. Nothing is more important than how you are feeling towards yourself, that warrants your attention. So even if you're not destined to be a healer, you can still take it to a satisfied palce within yourself that leads to a greater quality of life.

The issues within are finite. There is an end point. It's just a matter of getting out what's in the way. It's hard to put an hour or date on it, as it can depend on a lot of things, but when you are at the end, it is done.

So don't give up on yourself - every step you take will make you better inside, and better for what you do on the outside.

With love,


Being in the present and finding the best there is!

Hi everyone

It's been such an interesting day today!  I've arrived at Mataranka, a homestead with a thermal pool about 400km south of Darwin, where I was looking forward to treating myself to a lovely dip in the pool and once again chatting to the dragonflies and other lovely beings occupying the retreat space.

Instead I have found about 3 people and a massive colony of extremely noisy bats!!!  My favourite waterfall from last time is now just a a deep waterhole (due to the rains) and although the bats are friendly, it's not what I remember enjoying last time...

But you know what, it reminds me of how easy it is to live in the past!!!  Nature has its cycles, now it's the bats turn here, and the people will be back next dry season.  While this place is not what it was for me, there must be another place that is!  It is so easy to fall into the trap of expectations, that what was good before will always be good, and it stops us from being creators in life.

To let go all expectations and live with what life has for you every day, is surely the most peaceful and connected way to be.

It also reminds me of living in the future, in the world of "I want this' or 'When I can do this'...  what about now?  The fastest way to THERE is Through HERE (notice the play on words!)

So I shall now reframe paradise to being able to live in the moment daily, and receive the best of what life has for me with no expectations (from the past) or without plans (for the future).

I hope you are enjoying the present called being here!

Many blessings, Dianna

Footnote: Just as I was about to send this the most beautiful peacock has just sauntered by, as if to say 'See, I told you so, there's beauty in every moment if you just allow it"!!!

Bonanza!  Paradise was always within reach...

Hi again!

Since my last message two days ago, I have had a resurgence of faith in the universe.  It's funny how you trust (then get hurt so to speak), then open up again, close again if you get let down, and on it goes...

I found myself at the other end of Mataranka at a lovely spot called Bitter Springs.  As a lovely goddess friend says, when you look in the water with your eyes open, all the blue and green foliage makes it look just like a Monet painting.

So I have been gazing at nature's artwork for a couple of days, and previously this spot had a bit too much water current to lie in flotation... well thanks to a lovely friend who I've seen here, he rigged up a perfect little rope system so I have been completely able to unwind here.  No bats, an abundance of lovely dragonflies, relaxed friendly company, and the company of my friend in a cabin not far away, to eat healthy vital foods and relax in between all the daytime joy.

It's amazing how a little nudge from the universe can move you along to just a short distance further, where everything just fits perfectly and nature once again takes care of you.

We're really not meant to struggle - just get the lesson and move on to a place that's right for us to thrive!

I hope you have a thriving, blossoming, perfectly positioned day, and days to come, where things get taken care of and open up and close in universal harmony.

Many blessings,

Do you trust?

Hi everyone

We come into this world full of trust. As tiny children, we are buoyant to the challenges of the world, and often find out head-first if something is too hard, too soft or not what we need. We have our little cry or scream, get on with it, and keeping trying out things with a 100% belief and trust in the natural law of the universe inside to propel ourselves forward no matter what.

Then control comes in. Often taught by our parents, we are taught not to trust, to hold back, to 'look before we leap'. We stop experimenting with our very nature and starting restricting and resisting things that would otherwise be so informative to us.

If you look at the most successful people on the planet, they all have a self belief and a reclaimed sense of trust. Or maybe they never lost it. They have the ability to stand out, to try things, to put themselves in situations where others fear, and trust their innate abilities to come through. Stuntmen come to mind. Elite athletes pushing boundaries are another example.

In my case, I learnt to control early on, and often when I think I 'm trusting I'm not really, I'm just (mentally) controlling the outcome, waiting until something satisfies my unsettled mind until I fully trust it. Or I wait for evidence that I won't get hurt (in a relationship, or an endeavour) before I trust. It is always conditional.

I had an interesting experience here recently to test this out. I've been living in s small share house, brand sparkling new, with a lovely owner. It was going fine until I got 3 sudden signals from the world around me that things were about to change. I felt I had to give notice because something else was to come. And I could have just waited for it, but somehow I got myself into a knot around trust. Would I find another place in the timeframe? Was I supposed to be here or in another town? I couldn't make sense of all the signals, it was too much. I felt myself going slightly loopy and got really stressed out.

Through this I saw that I wasn't trusting at all, that maybe the universe and all the angels were taking care of things, and maybe it was just my head and need to control that were in the way, from stopping the outcome from happening. A few good conversations and healings later, with this duly pointed out, my unease settled and I went to work at Mindil Beach Market. My first visitor was a lovely lady who has previously texted me. "Hi, it's me, Shaz", she said. "If you need a place to stay or recharge away from Darwin, come and stay anytime. I have a beautiful property 1 hour away and I do reiki, we have crystals there, it'd be nice to have some company, don't worry about any rent...." etc etc.

Wow, thank you universe. How did Shaz even know that I was going to be there, she lives miles away? THANKYOU.

Then, to top that, as if it could be topped, half an hour later, another lovely women turns up. "Hi, I'm a friend of Shaz, she mentioned you might need somewhere to park your van closer to town. I have a second property that I'm barely using, you're welcome to stay there and park your van. Power and water are on. I come and go but it's pretty quiet. It'd be nice to have a caretaker there, you'd be very welcome. Don't worry about the rent"

do_you_trust_psychic_healingWOW. Did I hear that correctly? Another amazing gifts from the universe! Two rural 'goddess' women who heard my prayer and have come to the rescue!

Now, If I ever forget to trust I have to remember this tale... and know that maybe if we fully reclaim that childhood flow to just leap before we look (sometimes, just sometimes) that life will go where we want it, without us in the way. Maybe there's a divine order all the time and we can accelerate things, if we get our heads out of the way.

So do you need some help to trust? Trust that and do what you need to do, I'm here if you need a hand!

Many blessings, Dianna

Talk about trust! This stuntman rides a bike - backwards and upside down - 1000m over a Norwegian fjord with its strong, cold winds, without a security rope. He describes his mindset: 'What I do, is draw a picture with vulnerable human beings and their bodies, in the surrounding of mother earth.' Wow!

"Such a release from the struggle" K.A.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared" Natalee

"The best energy healing experience I've had" Danielle

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful" Eric