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Healing Sessions
Using intuition to help heal the source of pain & stress

Following a session

  • You may be unsure what to expect to feel following a session
  • As the sessions are powerful, you may want a little time to yourself afterwards.  Some people feel very energised and inspired, others may want to relax
  • You can generally go back to work and function normally soon  after (if you are concerned about something you have to do next, we can keep the session shorter)
  • It may take a few days for all the healing to work through fully, and clarity will follow
  • It is a good time to do things that balance you, like getting fresh air or exercise, eating healthy food and resting well
  • Each session is focussed on resolving the issues at that time, but there may be other layers that require further treatments.  If it ever feels like things are not settling - the session has worked, there is simply further to go!!!


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"Such a release from the struggle" K.A.

"What you just did in 15 mins I've spent a whole life looking for" Bruce

"Neck pain instantly disappeared" Natalee

"The best energy healing experience I've had" Danielle

"Your healing was exceptionally powerful" Eric