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Early Bird Offer – Primal Healing & Crystal Bath Workshop – Sat 12 March, Gold Coast


Hi everyone!
The last Primal Healing workshop in Lennox Head was just magical, the way shifts would just innately and naturally come through the space, there was so much love, healing and deep connection, it was just stunning!
This work moves me deeply in my soul and it has been beautiful to see some of the big shifts in others when they have let go fears and stress, that can be achieved so easily and quickly, using land & water!
Last time I offered an early bird price to get a secure starting group, and that worked really well, so will be doing the same again.
I’d like to hold the next workshop at Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast – on Saturday 12th March, 1-5pm
It is a beautiful, natural spot and on my first visit there crystals appeared right from the earth!
This time has been chosen to hopefully get good weather, although if we have to adjust the time slightly as we approach the day, we will work that out to suit everyone attending.
This will be offered for an once-only price of $35! (normally $65/$60).
This will make it a lot easier to organise, as people have tended to commit last minute, and others have wanted to travel long distances to attend, which has been difficult to coordinate with needing minimum numbers.
If you’re interested in the early bird offer …  please let me know by this Monday night …
You are welcome to invite friends with this offer
If you prefer a different location, please let me know.  Last time we held it at Lennox Head and a few Queenslanders couldn’t attend, so I’m hoping to open this up to as many people as possible.
It’s just over an hour between the two locations so if you’re from Northern NSW and would be interested in coming, I can link up anyone interested, with carpooling, if you let me know.
It’s also magical to work with the magical elements of different locations!   Ultimately I’ll be compiling your feedback and arranging these workshops to suit participants.
As I need a committed group, it’s non refundable if you simply change your mind, however it may be transferrable and I will always be fair regarding any reasonable circumstances for refund requests.
In bad weather the event will be rescheduled, and any payments refunded if it does not run and rescheduling is not convenient for you.
After we have the starting group and the workshop details are announced, anyone who can’t commit early, can still pay the normal price to attend.
* $35 early bird offer – closes Monday night
* Tuesday – Workshop details confirmed (the workshop will be cancelled if there is not enough early bird interest)
* By Tuesday night – Payment due for early birds
* Wednesday until the workshop – Others can still book in at normal prices
Any questions, please contact me on 0410 449 439
(I’ll call you back if you prefer)
Love to share it with you!
Blessings, Dianna Julia​


Release fears, pain & stress using land & water … Whatever can let go!
Plus gentle integration & realignment from stunning crystals

Dianna offers safe, easy, natural techniques to get in touch with the things we hold in our minds and bodies, and processes to let it all go. As the workshop proceeds there is abundant freedom, joy, lightness and clarity, as things shift. There is huge support in the space from each other and the crystals so the space becomes lighter and brighter as we go, and many people find that their intuitive abilities and awareness will increase. At the end we have the option to fully let go in the lake, in a way that will leave you feeling amazing! (different options are available)

Many amazing crystals will support the space and you will bathe in their healing qualities! This will provide a realignment and a finer, gentle, yet powerful integration of the bigger shifts in the first part of the workshop.

There is support in the space for as long as required that flows after the workshop, and the level will be appropriate for what everybody individually needs on the day. Depending on the number of people, the time required may vary.

Minimum numbers are required for the workshop to proceed, so bookings are essential and early commitment is greatly appreciated if possible.
People got the most amazing shifts, this is some of what they shared:
“I feel free, I feel like I’m glowing”
“That was amazing, thankyou so much, I loved it”
“I got exactly what I needed”
“I feel so alive, a weight has lifted”
“I can see how these techniques just really work”
“I felt a big shift”
“I’ve attended lots of things ..but this one was really special”

“Thank you Primal Healing. This, and Confest was a huge step forward for me. Hope to get to more sessions” Skye
“Thank you so much for your amazing workshop at Confest Dianna, Chris and I (especially me) released so much crap and feel amazing. LOVED it xx” Meredith
“Sure hope you hold another!!! Please keep me informed xxx” Ferne
Dianna Julia is an Intuitive Therapist – Using intuition and many healing techniques to release pain & stress. She has been offering her work for over a decade all over the world, including Mind Body Spirit Festivals, etc., both in private sessions and as a keynote speaker.
I look forward to sharing the Primal Healing & Crystal Bath Workshop with you!
Blessings, Dianna Julia
Dianna Julia
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