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Nutrition Business Opportunity

Earn money from AIM nutrition products

Business_Opportunity_nutritionAIM is a nutrition company, providing a large range of whole foods to assist with health and wellbeing.  For those who enjoy the products and like to help others, there is also a business  opportunity available.

This may suit individuals who are happy to arrange products for themselves, their friends and family members who they think would benefit.  This can also suit business builders or those with a store or clinic.

AIM has a networking structure, which means that when you place an order you get points, entitling you to commissions for products purchased.  The points are relevant to those purchasing or introducing other people to the products.

Use the products yourself and get paid!

You can place personal orders and if you order enough over a consecutive 3-month period, be eligible to be promoted. The first level of promotion is 450 points (this can be any combination of products totalling about $700, eg. 6x Herbal Fiberblend per month for 3 months, will do it!).

The first promotion will return you 6% as a commission. I have had some customers acheive this rank without realising it, until AIM rang them to offer a 6% discount credited back to them!

The commission amounts grow as you climb the ranks, although after a while you'd probably want to be business building and introducing others, or you will have to purchase a lot of products yourself!

Introduce others to reach your goals faster!

The rewards are greater and it's easier to climb the levels when you are introducing other people. Here's how you do it, in simple terms:

  • Introduce a 'new member' by placing an order under them (must be minimum $85)
  • AIM will pay you a $14 bonus the next time they order and a commission, depending on your level, which you can claim simply by placing another order for yourself that month. (As this grows you will need to place bigger orders, and commissions start to grow)
  • Your points help you move up the levels and qualify you, if you are doing this.

Making it easy to get started

Here's a nice tip to make it easy to get started and introduce others. Introduce a friend by placing an order under them, and you get the $14 bonus the second time they order.  You're entitled to do this, and you'll get free delivery on this order, saving you all money!

Example (prices are as at July 2012):

Mary orders 2x Herbal Fiberblend for the first time, and pays $43 x 2 = $86, with free delivery on her first order.

Her friend John also sees it's a good product and wants to get some, and Mary's happy to arrange some for him.

They place the second order under John's name and send it to his place. This makes him a new member, and entitles him to free delivery... and gives Mary a $14 bonus if John orders again!

(In comparison if Mary had re-ordered herself it would cost her $86 + $8.50 delivery = $94, with no opportunity for bonuses!)

So John pays $86 for his two containers of Herbal Fiberblend, and if he purchases again, Mary earns $14... which she needs to purchase another product that month to claim.

Mary just decides to get a container of Barley Life ($55) as she hears that's also good, plus delivery ($8.50), but in saving $14 it only effectively costs her $49.50!!!

(Hint: Delivery is a flat fee of $8.50, so why not get as much as you need when you order, to save cost and reordering!)

Later that month Mary's cousin Gina also complains of stomach pains and Mary recommends Herbal Fiberblend to her. She organises to send Gina two containers (as a new member) and Gina decides to also try some other AIM products straight away and reorders again. Mary earns another $14, and she doesn't need to reorder to claim it as she has already qualified that month!

Eventually many people in Mary's family (who have similar sensitive constitutions) start taking the products, and Mary has a few dozen people she is assisting, and she is starting to get small commissions as well as the $14 bonuses when they have reordered. At the end of it she effectively gets all her products for nothing, as she earns more than she has to buy to qualify, and she gets to use great products herself every month. It takes a while to build up but the person who introduced Mary helps her a bit with the business side and tells her that she knows people who earn thousands of dollars every month if they keep working at it and figure out how to make it work for them. All in all it's a win-win, Mary is using great products, earning something for her efforts and helping other people with their health and wellbeing.

Retailing and wholesaling at your store or clinic

Here is some more information on how the Herbal Fiberblend and other AIM products work wholesale.

There are two ways to sell the products, retailing and signing up new customers under you.


You can purchase Herbal Fiberblend for $43 each, plus delivery of $8.50 (or free only on your first wholesale order).

You can sell it for as much as you like, some outlets charge between $60 to $80 per container.  Obviously customers used to paying $53 (what I charge RRP) may baulk if higher prices are introduced so that would need to be carefully considered.

Your profits are purely then your retail margin, and you have to buy and pay for your own stock.

I only charge $53, which is $1.50 profit after cost and delivery, because I am happy for the products to be simply passed on as I make my money from the networking side of the business (see below).

Wholesaling - Signing up new customers

Every time you sign up someone to receive a wholesale order of products (minimum 2 in the case of Herbal Fiberblend), you get paid by AIM.  It's a win-win - someone can get 2x Herbal Fiberblend for $86 and then you get paid a $14 bonus for being the introducer when they reorder.

As you rise through the ranks of the networking side of the company, you start to get good commissions as well as the $14 bonus.  Some people make $1000's every month purely selling AIM products, and there is a very large catalogue of additional health products too (eg Barley Life, great for green nutrition and alkalinity).

The downside is that it generally works best if someone is dedicated to explaining the wholesale order to people, as they generally have to fill a form in and wait for the parcel to be delivered to their home.

You can give them your products from your stock, but need to then reverse the delivery so you get their products instead, as their contact details need to go into AIM or you won't get paid.  If you're not signing up people you can't sell them at $86 for 2 as you actually lose money on this.

So it's a bit more involved, not too difficult once you get used to it, but still more complicated than purely paying cash for products.

Will this suit my store or clinic?

There are a number of considerations in deciding whether this is right for your outlet.

Anyone who would like to offer AIM products, only needs to join by buying 2 Herbal Fiberblend for example to become a member and be able to sell the products themselves.  So there is no joining fee, but at the same time if they were to put the stock on the shelves and make whatever margin, or start doing signups, they would generally need to be purchasing stock.  They also have to place a personal order in the same month as others they are introducing, to receive any payments from AIM.

Regarding carrying stock, most new wholesale customers don't mind waiting for their order to be delivered if they're saving money (and don't mind the paperwork), but also to let you know that delivery can be up to a week from the warehouse in Melbourne to various locations around Australia.  So my suggestion would be to carry extra stock and sign up people if you could do it, and make sure you have enough stock to wait for the replacement.

The decisions really are then:

  • Would I increase the price I sell it for and go for the retailing option?
  • Would I organise the sign-ups and wholesaling - more involved but better deals for everyone?
  • Am I happy to be purchasing stock and to what extent?
  • Is there a person who would be the best 'consultant' for the business - to coordinate everything and provide product support to customers as required?
  • Is it the right time to organise this?

It really isn't too hard, I'd be happy to oversee it (as you would be in my group anyway) to advise how to go about it and answer any questions from yourselves or customers, and help you to fully flow with it to make it work.

I will also explain all the administrative and ordering details further for anyone interested.

Other considerations and benefits...

Building an AIM business a process which requires commitment to be successful, and the company is really lovely and helpful, with a large amount of freedom about how you can go about it yet a lot of support. A colleague actually said to me when I started that they couldn't believe the level of support I was getting, it was quite unheard of in the way usually associated with networking organisations. They genuinely care about people and the products, not just the dollars, and the hard sell usually associated with networking companies is non-existent here! There's plenty of money to be made if you work at it, yet it's quite flowing for those are genuine.

There are also a number of great rewards, I have personally been to the convention every year I have been involved, staying in beautiful places (Hamilton Island in 2010) and learning all about health and wellness with some of the nicest and most switched on people you'll meet.

Any questions please ask, I'd be happy to help you if you know other people who would benefit from these products or the business opportunity, but you're not sure how to go about it.

Also, please see the enclosed datasheet fully explaining the AIM Business Opportunity (as at February 2011, please contact me for an upated version).

I look forward to hearing from you if this resonates with you or if I can assist in any way.  I may also have opportunities to work with me at events to get started so please enquire and together we can make it happen!

Regards, Dianna

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