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3 in 4 people are calcium deficient - are you?

Did you know:

  • Most calcium supplements are not absorbable
  • Most diets have inadequate calcium intake
  • You could be calcium deficient, putting your bones and muscoloskeletal structure at risk!

What does calcium do?

There are over 200 bones in our body. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth, to keep our skeleton strong.  Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body, with over 99% of it stored in our bones and teeth.

Studies in the U.S. have found that three quarters of people do not get enough calcium.  This leads to the increased risk of fractures and conditions such as osteoporosis.  The reason for this is that our diets can be low in calcium-rich foods, such as broccoli, spinach, tofu, sardines and appropriate dairy products.

Calcium has a number of other important roles in the body.  It is also responsible for muscle contraction, central nervous system function, hormone secretion and blood pressure levels.

Introducing CalciAIM!

CalciAIM is a natural citrus drink that provides several important nutrients for muscoloskeletal function and wellness.  It has been formulated to provide the most beneficial form of calcium, considering the nutrients included and their form.

One of the problems with calcium supplements is absorbability.  As we age, our stomach cannot produce adequate amounts of acid to absorb calcium effectively.  In terms of supplementation, studies have shown that on average we can only absorb 20% of calcium from tablets and 30% from capsules. CalciAIM, as a solubilised (fully dissolved) solution in water, can be absorbed 98%...  whereas a calcium powder suspended in water would be no better than capsules or tablets.

To achieve this high level of assimilation, CalciAIM is made initially from calcium carbonate, which when mixed in a balanced blend with citric & malic acids, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate, becomes truly absorbable ionic calcium.

Other minerals and vitamins were added to increase the effectiveness of CalciAIM.  In particular:

Vitamin D has been shown as essential for the absorbtion and utilisation of calcium.

Magnesium also metabolises calcium and a deficiency can result in calcium depletion.  Magnesium also assists with some of the common side effects of calcium, being gas, bloating and constipation.

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, for immune, gum and teeth health, as well as improving cartilage when combined with lysine.

For other nutrients found in CalciAIM, please see

CalciAIM datasheet

Consuming CalciAIM

CalciAIM_powder_nutritionCalciAIM has a refreshing citrus flavour, with 17% juice.  It is made from mandarin and Valencia oranges, carrot, Tahitian lime and lemon juices, which are all natutally high in calcium.

It is suitable for all ages, with recommended daily intake as follows:

  • Under 8 years of age: 1 scoop (8.5g) per day
  • 9-50: 2 scoops (17g) per day
  • Over 51 years of age: 3 scoops (25g) per day

CalciAIM also synergises well with another AIM product, Peak Endurance.  Taking the two products together increases the benefits of both products.  The combination of structure (CalciAIM) and electrolyte energy (Peak Endurance) provides substantial health benefits.  Both flavours are complementary as well, with the citrus of CalciAIM combining well with the grape flavour of Peak Endurance.

How to get CalciAIM

CalciAIM is available from AIM New Zealand for $46 NZD for a 400g container, plus $10 NZD delivery.

To get this price you need to fill in the enclosed NZ Order Form and fax, phone or email it to AIM Australia & NZ. This entitles you to be a wholesale customer which gives you access to these prices and other benefits.

Other AIM New Zealand products can be ordered together to save delivery.  In particular, Peak Endurance works very well when taken with CalciAIM.

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To print copies of the CalciAIM datasheet, how-to-use or manual order forms, please go to:

Datasheets & Resources

Existing AIM Australia customers are able to order CalciAIM in Australia for personal use (simply divide the $NZD by 1.25 for an $AUD price estimate) but please contact me to order as details are subject to change.

International orders can again be placed by contacting me

Any questions please ask, I'm here to help if you're not sure if it's working correctly for you, or if you need any help with payment or ordering (eg if you don't have a credit card or fax, or would like me to organise it for you).


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