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AIM Peak Endurance

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Reclaim the energy of your youth!

Do you:

  • Miss the bounce & stamina you used to have?
  • No longer keep up with the demands of physical & mental stress?
  • Wish you could turn back time and reclaim the energy of your youth?

Between the ages of 20-70, our primary energy source called ATP decreases by up to 50%

What is ATP?

Our cells are the core of our body.  ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the primary source of energy for every function that occurs within each cell of the body.  It could be referred to as our 'energy currency'.

If ATP is depleted, cells don't function properly, resulting in stress and ageing-related diseases and health issues.

Introducing Peak Endurance


AIM Peak Endurance is a grape electrolyte drink mix combining ATP (adenosine triphosphate), electrolytes, vitamin C, phosphorus, and B vitamins.  It contains only one gram of sugar.

AIM Peak Endurance provides the only oral source of ATP, Peak ATP, clinically proven to elevate ATP levels within the body.

Peak Endurance increase energy levels without increasing your heart rate, unlike caffeine.

Restore your energy today

Research has shown that DNA damage over time results in loss of ATP.  In fact, between the ages of 20-70, ATP levels are reduced by 50%.

AIM Peak Endurance can be used to restore ATP, by providing exactly what our body uses to create energy.

This assists blood flow, cardiovascular health, energy levels, muscle strength, memory & mental acuity, and recovery after stress or exercise.


Sports drinks comparisons

Peak Endurance contains all six major electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and chloride) in proper balance.

Electrolytes are our body's salts (ions), used to maintain our energy flow and to carry impulses from our nerves and muscles across the body.  When we sweat, we lose electrolytes, particularly sodium and potassium, and they must be replenished.  That is why sports drinks are popular when we exercise heavily.

Most sports drinks only contain sodium, potassium and chloride, 3 of the 6.   The additional electrolytes provide:

Calcium regulates nerve impulses and muscle contraction

Phosphorus balances calcium in the blood, therefore it is helpful to take them together.

Magnesium is a key component of more than 300 enzymes.

Peak Endurance also contains B vitamins which have been shown to increase metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, enhance immune and nervous system function and promote cell growth and division.  B vitamins must be replenished daily, and two servings daily of Peak Endurance provides 100% of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12.



For other information about Peak Endurance, please see:

Peak Endurance datasheet

Consuming Peak Endurance

Peak Endurance has a delicious grape flavour.

Each 400g container makes over 25kg of grape electrolyte beverage.

The suggested serving size is one scoop (8.5g).  It can be consumed either concentrated, in a small amount of water, or diluted over a longer period for rehydration.  It is particularly helpful before and after exercise.  It is best taken twice a day.

Peak Endurance also synergises well with another AIM product, CalciAIM.  Taking the two products together increases the benefits of both products.  The combination of electrolyte energy (Peak Endurance) and structure (CalciAIM) provides substantial health benefits.  Both flavours are complementary as well, with the citrus of CalciAIM combining well with the grape flavour of Peak Endurance.

How to get Peak Endurance

Peak Endurance is available from AIM New Zealand for $49 NZD for a 400g container, plus $10 NZD delivery.

To get this price you need to fill in the enclosed NZ Order Form and fax, phone or email it to AIM Australia & NZ. This entitles you to be a wholesale customer which gives you access to these prices and other benefits.

Other AIM New Zealand products can be ordered together to save delivery.  In particular, Peak Endurance works very well when taken with CalciAIM.

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To print copies of the Peak Endurance datasheet, how-to-use or manual order forms, please go to:

Datasheets & Resources

Existing AIM Australia customers are able to order Peak Endurance in Australia for personal use (simply divide the $NZD by 1.25 for an $AUD price estimate) but please contact me to order as details are subject to change.

International orders can again be placed by contacting me

Any questions please ask, I'm here to help if you're not sure if it's working correctly for you, or if you need any help with payment or ordering (eg if you don't have a credit card or fax, or would like me to organise it for you).


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