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Leaf Greens testimonials

"Iron supplements did not work, Leaf Greens did"

"I have a neat story to share about my iron levels increasing, and I'm sure it's because of taking the Leaf Greens.  After giving birth to my fifth child, my iron levels dropped very low, all the way to 9 (note: 11-32 is normal).  I started taking one tsp of Leaf Greens per day.  Over the next year, my body went through a lot of stress, including a miscarriage. However, I have not only maintained my iron, but it improved to 19 in only four months of taking the Leaf Greens.  I think that going from 9 to 19 in four months is a miracle because in all the years of trying iron supplements - as repeatedly suggested by my doctors - they did not work.  Leaf Greens did." Tanja Tulak (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"Leaf Greens helps with depression"

"Leaf Greens is a very high quality source of greens for me.  I take it at breakfast and at bedtime.  I feel it really keeps up my energy level.  I believe it is helping my eyes and my kidneys and giving me a general all-round sense of well-being.  Taking it at bedtime helps me to sleep better, and when I sleep, I don't have trouble with depression.  That is the best gift of health - no depression!" Bertha Wiebe (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"My eyesight has improved"

"My wife Mabel and I have been taking Leaf Greens since July 2008 and we have taken Just Carrots, Proancynol, Gingkosense and Cellsparc 360 for several years.

When my driver's license was up for renewal, I was required to have my vision checked.  The clerk asked me if I needed glasses to read the chart and I told her that was not necessary, so she checked my vision without my glasses and I passed with flying colours.  I must tell you that my vision in the left eye had retreated some and the glasses did help but I have notied that my vision has improved some and I am even doing my Bible reading without glasses.  I teach my grandchildren in homeschool two days a week, and have noticed that I do not need glasses to do my studying.

I cannot say that definitively the Leaf Greens is solely responsible for the improvement, but it has greatly helped." Robert Ianson (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)