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Foods that inhibit your intuition

Hi everyone

I recently sent through a message about foods that support your intuition, in particular high vitality concentrated leafy greens like Leaf Greens and Barley Life have the ability to help the body repair the cells when they are 'stretched' from accessing our higher connection.

On the contrary, I have also discovered a group of foods that desensitize and in the opposite way, make it trickier to have a higher connection.

Many spiritual groups and philosophies also emphasize the same findings, and these related to consuming foods from the onion and garlic family.

Oh no, I hear many of you cry, I LOVE those foods! That's part of the problem, they are highly addictive and purgative to a lot of subtle sensations. The smell is so strong, it activates a lot of bodily functions (tears, body odour, bad breath) which is really our body's way of saying that it wants to detox these foods as they're too strong for us.

Onion, garlic and the pungent bulb family (which includes chives, leeks and spring onions as well) are bulbs, and they absorb a lot of energy from the space around them, which can be negative.  This is why they can be poisonous to insects etc, or if we consume them, it can affect our reactions. If you've ever noticed cultures that eat a lot of garlic and onion (Greeks, Italians, Turkish etc), there can be a cultural tendency to be loud and full-on. I recall having a few conversations with people saying they always seemed to have arguments with their partners and fought a lot, and when I asked if they ate a lot of onion and garlic, you can guess that the answer was yes. It can have the tendency to addict you to other people's emotions, and keep you overly focussed around base desires (money, survival, sex, etc)

You can eat onion & garlic in a way that means you don't take the negative attributes on, but most people do not know how to do this, as it is quite difficult to do. Many people believe that they're doing something good for themselves because of benefits of these foods (for the immune system and cleansing the blood), but it's a bit like trying to chop a piece of parsley with an axe (it will work but with way too much force!). Our immune system works just fine if our self-connection is stronger, which is what these foods get in the way of!

Studies have also shown that pilots have been instructed not to eat onion & garlic 72 hours before flying, as it can create blurry vision and delay reaction times. When you think about the shape of the bulb, it's like an upside down cloudy head, and that's pretty much how it can affect us.

For some people they will read this information and immediately get a 'click' where they feel that they want to let these foods go. Others will feel that it's not relevant to them at all.

It is extremely difficult to eliminate onion and garlic from your diet entirely, as it is in nearly all savoury pre-prepared foods that you can buy. It's the common flavouring that if you ready the ingredients list, is pretty much in everything. That's why most people don't realise how pervasive it is, and how many other things it might be doing to our delicate subtle systems, and how much clearer you feel if you can actually cut it out.

If you do feel tempted to try to eliminate it, you need to read labels carefully. Even labels that say 'herbs and spices' are not required to list them if they are less than 5%. I recommend going on a fast or cooking your own fresh food if you want to make sure it's not in anything. Sauces and flavourings are especially tricky to avoid it in, as are most takeaway cuisines.

The good news is, that if you do want to quieten down your system, the foods that help your intuition (concentrated high quality leafy greens like LeafGreens and Barley Life) are actually perfect to help reduce the effects of the onion and garlic family. While it's not the same as eliminating it, it can certainly keep your body more balanced from some of the pervasive effects if it's not possible to cut it out.

Detoxification (eg Herbal Fiberblend) and other nutrient-rich superfoods (like CalciAIM and Peak Endurance) are also excellent ways of giving the body a rest from the onslaught of these really strongfoods. Feel free to check out any of the AIM nutrition products on this site if you're interested, or give me a call or email and we can work out what would suit you best. You'll be amazed too, just how much better other food tastes, and how much less you need to eat, when your system settles down.

I hope you find this information helpful, and if you already practice abstaining from these foods, or are keen to give it a go, I'd love to hear from you. Don't worry if you feel this doesn't apply to you and your body is handling these foods just fine, we're all different. There's just a number of people I meet who I know are looking for an easier pathway and may not be aware that these seemingly normal foods may be the thing that's stopping you from finding your balance and a clear connection to your intuition.

With love, Dianna


Hi again everyone

Based on all the replies I have just got, I feel I need to add something about the noticeable affects of onion and garlic.

I used to eat onion and garlic all the time and I had no trouble digesting it, it seemed, and apart from the smell, it didn't seem to affect me at all.

I heard about this information from a Reiki Master with amazing energy who had been eliminating these foods for years, and at one point something just clicked in the conversation that there was something in this.

It was only when I cut these foods out to experiment with this, that I began to notice how they had been affecting me. Something changed in my body, my meditations and intuition expanded massively, and I reached a place of peace where I felt like I just didn't need those foods any more. I got to a space, where I still am now, where I can ask anything at all to my intuition and am given powerful and profound answers, clearly and quickly, that lead to deep healing.

I haven't eaten onion & garlic now for about four years and a couple of weeks ago decided to test it again. I deliberately ate some food with onion and garlic in it and my body started to feel stale and sluggish, my breath stank, I could feel myself going blurry (like I wasn't quite in my body) and my intuition dropped noticeably. I couldn't sleep properly that night, I was agitated and my system was trying to purge it out quickly. I felt lost and emotional, and not light like I usually feel.

This had never happened before when I was used to eating it, it was like it had been masked.

My ideal state would be to get to a place where if I do have it at all that it can pass through me without any effect to my intuition or anything else!

There are obviously pros and cons with making this choice. There are many health benefits to onion and garlic, one person's medicine is another person's poison, so I am really only talking about the massive difference it has made to my intuition since I made this choice.

With love, Dianna

Foods that support your intuition

Hi everyone

I have been utilising the following practices for a while, regarding foods that I have found that are good for your intuition, and some that are not so good.

I thought you might be interested in these insights.

When you work with intuition, you are expanding yourself to include insights and information from the world around you. This means, that on a cellular level, you actually 'stretch' to access this new level, and as with any stretching, if you do it too far you may end up feeling overwhelmed or disjoint.

It is so common to see the effects of this on people, this can include being ungrounded, easily unbalanced, unfocussed, poor with money (slips through your fingers), or in the other extreme, living on adrenalin and relying on addictions and quick fixes to get by, at the expense of your body. It's better to get into the right habits before the body gives up or it's too hard to make changes.

A really good habit I have found is to use a highly nutritious green powder drink called Barley Life to help support my energy and correct any imbalances. It's made from the leaves of young barley plants (not the grain!) and has been shown to have cellular renewal properties. This means that when you overstretch, it brings you back together again, without needing downtime or ending up getting sick or exhausted because you've overdone it. It has been scientifically shown to repair the DNA itself, the cells' building blocks.

I found when working with my healing work (which is very demanding on the cells because of the high level of transformation involved)... that I used to be able to do 4 or 5 sessions and then need to replenish... after taking Barley Life during those days I would be able to do 10 to 12 sessions and still have energy. It literally paid itself off with increased results, let alone no downtime and not needing to go and spend on other things to rebalance me!

If you like the idea and want to take it to another level, the same company makes another product called Leaf Greens, which includes the young barley leaves as well as 3 other superb greens - bean, pea and spinach. It is so highly concentrated with its cellular renewal properties that each tub of Leaf Greens contains 10 kg of leaves, and it has as much iron as 20 kg of spinach, as well as more protein than meat! You would be hard pressed to find a better way to fully replenish your cells with these green nutrients. Because it is so highly concentrated, you need less than half as much per dose as Barley Life, and it tastes even more powerful. It is more expensive but actually better value considering how effective it is.

I take both products and they are the best I've found for energy renewal and rebalance, especially if you ask a lot of your body or are working a lot with your intuition and it is stretching you.

See Barley Life and Leaf Greens pages for more details.

Let me know if you have any more questions, or if you're interested in experiencing these for yourself!

Next email: Foods that inhibit your intuition!

With love,

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