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Herbal Fiberblend news

Pain, pain go away

Please see Pain, pain go away for an AIM Living Well magazine article abut a young woman who had hernia surgery and suffered from constant abdominal pain, until taking Herbal Fiberblend.

Battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Please see Battle with Irritiable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for an AIM Living Well magazine article about the use of Herbal Fiberblend (and other AIM products) to address IBS.

Pied Piper of Herbal Fiberblend

Please see Pied Piper of Herbal Fiberblend for an AIM Living Well magazine article about a man who lost 70 pounds (over 30kgs) from using Herbal Fiberblend and is telling everyone!

What happens in detoxification?

Please see What is detoxification? for an AIM fact sheet on the types of symptoms that may arise whilst detoxifying, like you may experience from using Herbal Fiberblend.

Getting the best results with Herbal Fiberblend

Herbal Fiberblend is an optimal blend of healing herbs, designed to rid your digestive system of any toxins and help rebuild the lining so you can digest food properly again.

It is beneficial if you experience:

  • Stiffness, aches, pains, cramps or spinal (back & neck) problems
  • Poor digestion including irritable bowel syndrome, gas & bloating, constipation, sluggishness or dehydration
  • Low energy, fatigue or unexplained illnesses
  • Food allergies & sensitivities
  • Irritability, depression or mood swings
  • Excessive weight or intense food cravings

How to consume Herbal Fiberblend

Herbal Fiberblend is strong tasting and some people find it difficult to consume.  Try these suggestions if you are struggling taking it...

  • All products like this that actually work have a strong taste, it's just something you have to come to terms with if you wish to solve your digestive problem
  • The flavour is strong but it's largely because you're not used to that type of ingredient, which is exactly why your system would benefit from it.  As it is so synergistic and works so well with the body, it actually becomes more palatable over time, if you allow yourself the chance to get used to it
  • Drink it quickly with a small amount of water or juice (don't fill a whole glass or it will take forever to drink and don't let it stand as the psyllium will make it thicken)
  • Mix it with your favourite juice or flavour if need be, whatever helps you to consume it.  I've even known customers to add red cordial to it!!!
  • Focus on the part of the flavour that you like.  Once customer noticed it was 'peppery', which helped them to actually enjoy the taste!

Taking the right amount of the product

  • Take Herbal Fiberblend away from solid food or any other products, at a regular time of the day.  Allow at least 20-30 mins before consuming food again - it's a detox so you don't want to put food in on top of it
  • You need to take enough for your system to be regular.  If nothing's happening, try taking a little bit more, if you are going to the toilet too often you are taking too much (try reducing dosage or taking it once a day if you started with twice)
  • Some people need to eliminate toxins, others to repair the gut lining.  If you are eliminating toxins you may feel discomfort, as there may be live irritants that are getting agitate by the product.  Don't stop taking it!  They will only re-attach and get stronger.  You need enough product to do the job, and to be taking it regularly, for the clean out to occur.  If you forget a day, so be it, but aim to have it like clockwork so the task can be completed
  • If you run out of product and the clean out is only part way complete, get some more (allow up to a week delivery).  They are $43 each (plus $8 delivery, free delivery if it's your first order), and one container last approx. 5-6 weeks... or $53 from me in person.  If you can't afford the amount you need, it may be better to wait until you can buy enough to complete the task.  Some people find, to save money, that they alternate doses with plain psyllium from the health food shop... it keeps the bulk up and stretches out how long the Herbal Fiberblend will last (although psyllium alone won't do the same job)
  • Some people (like myself) find that their system is so used to having problems that it takes a while before it can self-manage.  I have been taking the product for nearly 3 years now and now only take a thimbleful daily.  If I've gone off it, I notice, so I stay on it.  It's not harmful or addictive, it's real herbs that my system still needs.  It's up to you though, some people prefer to give their system a break after taking it for 3 or 4 months, and only resume if they feel they need to.
  • If you've tried everything and you really can't handle it, containers can be returned to AIM (opened or unopened) within 3 months of purchase for a full refund.  There are also capsules available via NZ if you prefer an alternative, plus other new AIM fibre products which can be combined with it to improve its taste and results.

Helping the detox along

  • I  found that combining different healing modalities with taking the product can greatly improve the result, and mean that you need less product.  If this feels like you and you feel you need a hand to deal with the blockage in a different way, feel free to contact me.  As a psychic healer I can read your body's energy and get in touch with what is stuck, and release it.  For myself it meant clearing childhood toxins and by combining the healing with the product I saved a lot of time and cost
  • As a psychic healer I can also read your body's needs relating to the right dosage, and the best way to take it, so if you're not sure just ask I can tune in over distance.  Most of you I did this when we met and I'm happy to check again if things have changed (this is a complimentary service, if you would benefit from a paid treatment I will advise this)
  • Help the detox along by being good to your body.  Exercise is fantastic, as is modifying your food program (why detox if you're going to eat really badly at the same time?)  I actually did a fast in conjunction with it and actually managed to completely release my lower back from decades of pain, just by going off solids for a little while and taking the Herbal Fiberblend to unlock the blockage.  Fasting's not for everyone and it's full on, so if you have any doubts and would prefer a supported program contact me and we can put something together to assist you.
  • Don't put up with pain or give up, always call or email if it's not working, in most cases I can steer you back on track quickly and easily - so stay in touch and with support anything is possible!!!

Any questions please contact me,

cheers, Dianna