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Barley Life testimonials

"I was a walking miracle"

"Before, I was constantly exhausted and needed to lie down for most parts of the day.  In addition, I could not eat most normal foods since my weakened body was so suceptible to infection.  I had exhausted all the medicines, vitamins and specialist visits and there was nothing more that they could do for me.

Within 3 weeks after taking Barley Life, I was a different person.  Not only did I have my energy back, I also had my liveliness back.  I no longer needed to lie in bed most of the day.  I was a walking miracle!

Since then, I have not been sick, I have not taken any antibiotics, and I have not visited the doctor's office for a whole year"  Agnes Syu (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"Recovered from terminal cancer with AIM products"

"A year ago, I was in a health crisis.  I underwent surgery, which was supposed to rid me of extreme abdominal pain.

A few months later after multiple hospital stays, I was on morphine and nerve and muscle medicine, but to no avail.  I underwent an 8.5 hour operation and was found to have Stage 3 peritoneal cancer, which in doctors' terms is incurable.  The tumour was mostly removed, with the hopes that chemotherapy would shrink the pieces and give me a 'little more time'.  I didn't have much time.

When I finally came home from hospital, I implemented an extreme nutritional plan to regain my health.  I didn't have peace about conventional treatments so I implemented a plan that included the AIM products.

As of February 2009, my oncologist told me that he and the radiologist could find no cancer in my body.  Where he left pieces of tumour, there were no tumours.  He wanted to know what I did to regain my health.

The AIM products were what I started with to gain back my health, and I continue on them today.  I am testimony of how changing your nutritional lifestyle can change the cells in your body, which in turn creates wellness."  Cindy Ponchot (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"I'm 90 and look 70 - thanks to Barley Life!"

When I was 88 years old, I came down with a bad cough so I medicated myself for three days, but I was getting no better.  It was so bad that I wished I could cough my insides out!

So I had someone call the ambulance.  I was in the hospital for a week and rehab for another week.  They said that if I hadn't put myself in the hospital I wouldn't have lived.

I had been taking AIM's green barley powder for 20 years.  I think it gave me the strength and good health to initially endure the illness.  I give AIM Barley Life the credit for staying alive.  I believe that if I hadn't built up my system, I wouldn't be here to write this letter.

I am 90 years old now and people are amazed at that because I look to be about 70 years old, they say.  They are amazed that I still drive a car and they are in awe to see me gardening in the flower and vegetable garden."  Lucile Hinchey (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"Perfect pregnancy with Barley Life!"

"I have been taking AIM Barley Life for about 4 years and it has significantly regulated my blood sugars.  I no longer have sweet cravings in the middle of the day.  I ran two half marathons (each 21 kms) in the summer of 2007 and credit my energy levels, improvement in time and athletic ability to AIM Barley Life.

During my first pregnancy I made sure I was feeding my changing body with AIM products, especially Barley Life.  My pregnancy was perfect, with no health concerns, as many women experience.  I had no constipation, no back pain, no headaches etc, again credited to me taking Barley Life" Laura Gravelle (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

Who wants to lose a few kilos?

Hi everyone

With the new year approaching, I was wondering who would like to join me in a challenge to lose a few kilos!

While I'm not fat, I have been snacking a little heavily lately (ok, I'll admit it) and feel it's time to cut out the sweets and sugars.

I'm going to do it by taking a green nutritional supplement 'Barley Life' on extra large doses for a few days.

Every time I feel like sweets, I take Barley Life instead.

That's it. No additional exercise, just a yummy drink.

What it does it that it is highly alkaline so actually changes your palate to not have the sugar cravings.

It is also full of nutrients so gives you that satisfied and nourished feeling.

Plus with all its revitalising qualities, it repairs and rebalances all those internal digestive areas that have been suffering or suboptimal under the sugar doses.

It should only take me a few weeks of Barley Life instead of sweets to lose 5kgs.

Would anyone like to join me in this challenge?

We can just email each other every few days with a weight loss count. It'll just provide a little bit of moral support to know others are doing it too.

All you'll need is a sufficient supply of Barley Life. To get one container (it should last you about 3-5 weeks, depending on your weight loss goals), will cost you $47 + $7 postage = $54.

To get two or more take off the postage, it's $47x2 = $94 for 2, $47x3 = 141 for 3, etc.

I can arrange to get it sent to you if you're interested.

If you've already ordered some Barley Life in the past and want to join in the challenge, just let me know!

If you'd like to learn more about Barley Life, check out the Barley Life page on this website!

Happy weight loss,

cheers, Dianna

"I lost 30 kg and am off all medications!"

"My mother died at age 59 from congestive heart failure and diabetes complications.  Although highly motivated to do better, I found myself weighing in at a lifetime high of 139 kg in January 2006.  I had also been on high blood pressure medication for several years.

In May 2006, I introduced two servings of Barley Life to my diet.  I find it curbs my sweet tooth.  I'm now down to 109 kg and am off all prescription medications.  I feel absolutely better than I have ever felt!  Now my goal is to reach and maintain 90 kg.  AIM Barley Life has been a successful tool for me in making lifestyle changes otherwise thought totally impossible."  Galen Graham (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)

"Barley Life cured his allergies"

"As long as I've known my husband, he has had severe allergies that cause him to constantly sniffle.  That was, until an AIM member introduced us to the AIM products.  Although he was sceptical, my husband said he would try AIM Barley Life.  Initially he went through a detox time that was pretty severe, in fact, he almost quit.  I encouraged him to keep taking it.  He did too, until we ran out.

Soon after, he came home from work sniffing, and I asked him, 'Guess what you hadn't been doing until you ran out of barley?  He was so shocked.  He said, 'You're right, I can never go off it'.  We are so grateful to the AIM companies." Irisa Roylance (courtesy of AIM's Living Well magazine)