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Success Essence

... for freshness & focus!


Spray (50 ml): Lemongrass & lime essential oils, solubiliser, filtered water, success vibes

Massager (10 ml): Lemongrass & lime essential oils, grapeseed oil, success vibes


For freshness & focus!

This may be the most refreshing and invigorating scent you'll ever use!  It instantly helps you feel more awake, alert and focussed, and helps you get the job done.  It's wonderful for '3.30itis', that time when you normally reach for caffeine or chocolates to get through the day!

It's called 'Success' because success is acheived through perserverance and never giving up, and with this scent, you'll always have energy to keep moving forward.  Many people have actually found it helps them feel more aligned and in tune with what they're doing, thereby acheiving better and faster results.  Find out for yourself what clarity awaits you with this blend!

Best places to use it

The Success Essence is fantastic on the temples and tight areas to free them up and help you concentrate and pull your energy together.  Massaging it on the neck, jaw, shoulders, back or other sore points also helps to shift any blocked tension and give you energy.

The spray is wonderful to invigorate a room, no more tired eyes or drowsy drivers in the car, when you use it there!  It's also lovely after a shower to feel tingly and alive all over.

Being citrus, it suits men and women equally, so you don't have to be scared of whether it's too floral or too perfume-like, as it's just energising, fresh and invigorating.

Others have found that using this scent on their energy centres (if you don't know these, they go up and down the centre of your body including your crown, brow, throat, heart, chest, stomach, sensual area and tailbone), can help you feel extremely aligned and present.  If it's stuck, this essence can unblock it, anywhere on you!

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