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Aromatherapy Essences
Aromatherapy products to balance, uplift & release tension


Adam & Eve Essences are available online, at events, through stockists or if you host or attend a party.

For those interested in buying wholesale, great discounts become available.


Please place your order online and your products will be delivered to you anywhere in the world.



Dianna regularly attends events which may include Mind Body Spirit Festivals, Psychic Fairs and natural therapies expos, local markets or gatherings.  This is a great way to experience the products in person and enjoy our 'Free Magic Massage' using the essences.

Please Join my email list (on side menu) to hear about all upcoming events as they become available.  This can include special offers such as free entry tickets and events from all stockists.

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Dianna Julia

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S'hi D'Amour

(her name is pronounced as 'sigh')

Located in Reservoir, Victoria

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Hosting a Party

If you would like to bring some friends or family together for an Adam & Eve Essences party, we will bring the essences and some special natural therapies to you!

This is available in regions where there are stockists, or around times of expos and events in your area (Join my email list (on side menu) or see Latest Events for details) where a specific arrangement can be made.

Minimum numbers apply, and there is always a special gift for the host.

All guests will receive a Free magic massage using the Adam & Eve Essences, and their choice of a treatment offered by our practitioners.  This may include massage, psychic reading, energy healing, or a combination of the above for a deeper healing experience.

Contact any of our stockists to create an experience for you and your friends that you won't forget! Previous party attendees have commented that the day was wonderful, memorable and brought their group much closer together, and they learnt lots of new things about each other and were inspired for a long time afterwards!

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