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Soothing Essence (Organic)

... for clarity & peace!


Spray (50 ml): Certified Organic oils - lavender & peppermint essential oils, filtered water, soothing vibes

Massager (10 ml): Certified Organic oils - lavender & peppermint essential oils, grapeseed oil, soothing vibes


This classic blend is famous as the 'headache blend' - the combination of peppermint and lavender is renowned for being soothing and clarifying.  With the Adam & Eve Essences, it adds a whole new dimension to releasing and shifting any tension and giving you a new outlook.

It's no fun being in pain, and the Soothing Essence can take you to a much better place, and take those worries away.  Like floating on a cloud, or drifting off to sleep on your pillow. your suffering is over.

While the Adam & Eve Essences have no residues due to their formulation, many people love the idea of an organic blend and this also creates another level of purity and cleansing.  You will love how clean and light this feels, and how gently rejuvenating!

Soothing_Essence_massagerBest places to use it

The temples, head, neck and jaw are classic places to use this blend.  Anything that needs to be soothed can also be helped, whether it's insect bites, or a sooky child's heart, or an upset stomach.  Just roll the massager on to help it re-settle.

The spray in the same way, can be used on your face or in places where it has felt agitated or distressed, to restore a more peaceful space.  Use it also on your pillow and linen for a restful night's sleep, or use it during the day if you need an uplift.

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