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Aromatherapy Essences
Aromatherapy products to balance, uplift & release tension

So many uses!

There are so many uses for Adam & Eve Essences!


ON YOUR TEMPLES & BROW... for a busy mind!

  • Bring thoughts into focus
  • Release a headache
  • Feel calmer
  • Reduce worry
  • Aid concentration & memory
  • Unwind for better sleep

ON YOUR NECK & JAW... where you store tension!

  • Relieve tension & stiffness
  • Reduce teeth grinding
  • Eliminate jaw popping & clicking and TMJ symptoms
  • Release build-up that normally leads to tight shoulders
  • Relax & release mental stress

ON YOUR HEART CENTRE... to love yourself & others!

  • Get out of your head & into your heart
  • Communicate & share in a heartfelt way
  • Improve your confidence - at a meeting, presentation or important outing
  • Helps romantic issues
  • Feel more joyful & positive
  • Deepen your breathing

ON YOUR SHOULDERS & BACK... press the roller in firmly for a deeper massage

  • Undo knots by using deeper pressure
  • Reach hard-to-get-to areas
  • You don't have to be good at massage to get a great release!  Start broadly and then burrow in when you find a place to relieve
  • It's much easier than using your hands, and you won't get so tired
  • You can't hurt yourself, as the oil will seal and protect the area you've just worked on (just drink enough water & rest if it ever feels sore)

ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY...  many places feel good!

  • Relieve lower back & tailbone pain
  • Relax aching knees & legs
  • Soothes a sensitive stomach or cramps
  • Eases tendonitis or RSI stress
  • Rebalance your energy centres
  • Free up acupressure points
  • Relieve sinus symptoms by opening up your chest (use points in image on left & right sides)
  • Sooth irritation from insect bites
  • Relax unsettled children - just use a little bit!
  • Use it on sensual areas to enhance lovemaking*
  • Relax sore feet*

* Keep it hygenic if you are also using it on your face, maybe get extras for special purposes!


  • Use it on your face or body, after the shower or any time of day
  • Uplift a room or small area - great at your personal corner or altar
  • Freshen up your linen
  • Can be felt by many people at once
  • Influence the atmosphere (eg settle the kids if their energy is unabalanced)
  • Rebalance your aura - great if you're sensitive to energy affecting you
  • Feel more alert whilst driving


  • Take it directly under the tongue
  • Drop it into your glass of water
  • Sprinkle it on your food to energise it
  • The only essence that can be taken internally
  • Your body directs it to where it's needed
  • Virtually no flavour so suitable for allergies, pregnancy or those who don't use oils
  • Similar in style to a homeopathic or floral essence, for those who are used to taking these

"I am simply blown away by the power of this stuff!"

"My elbow pain has lifted"

"I used the love roll-on and am feeling so positive"

"These are the best products I've ever used"

"Edible Essence has helped me speak up for myself"