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Aromatherapy Essences
Aromatherapy products to balance, uplift & release tension

Product Care

While Adam & Eve Essences are designed to be used as often as needed, the following information will help you get the most out of your products:

(Note that Sacred Essence has unique storage, handling and usage requirements - in addition to the information below, please refer to the Sacred Essence page for those details)

Using essential oils

Essential oils are potent with active ingredients and are not suitable for everyone. Care must be taken by pregnant women, those with sensitive skin, allergies or medical conditions, babies, children and the elderly. In some cases normal dosages can be used, in others the type of blend or frequency of use can be adjusted. Essential oils are not to be used internally.

If a product is causing any adverse reaction discontinue use and review in a couple of days. Sometimes it is just the properties of the product flushing out symptoms as the body detoxes.Contact me if you are unsure. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.

Product storage

Products should be stored in a clean, dry place. For best performance, they should be stored at room temperature between 5oC and 45oC. Product packaging is fragile and should be stored away from children or where it is susceptible to fall onto hard surfaces. Even in the carry bag (gift packs), products can break with contact with other hard objects, or if they are in a handbag that is dropped.  For this reason it is often best to store the products in a pouch or padding if being transported regularly (rubber pouches are provided for the massagers).

Products can be fragile so ensure they are handled and stored safely, in a clean dry place at regular temperatures.

Product usage

Products are advised to be kept out of eyes, orifices and open wounds. They should not be consumed or ingested. The massager is best used on clean dry skin as grit and dirt can get into the roll-on. This will not damage the product but will make it unpleasant to use. The spray should only be used as a mist and is not designed to be used in concentrated doses. Overdosing may cause headaches, dehydration or staining of clothes or materials.  A massager will generally not feel painful unless you are dehydrated.  You can use the massagers for hours at a time if you like, until you feel like you need a break.

Use products externally only and at modest doses. Keep products out of eyes. Drink sufficient water to stay hydrated.

Product life span

The products generally keep for 12-18 months. With regular usage, the 10ml massager, 15 ml drops and 50ml spray are designed to last many months, depending on usage.

The products will last but use regularly for maximum benefit.

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