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Love Essence

... for male & female unity!


Spray (50 ml): Allspice & bergamot essential oils, peach oil, solubiliser, filtered water, love vibes
Massager (10 ml): Allspice & bergamot essential oils, peach oil, grapeseed oil, love vibes


This special scent is designed to be a his & her blend. It contains allspice (for him), peach (for her) and bergamot for their union. When a man wears it, it smells more spicy, when a woman uses it it becomes more sweet and peachy. Even between women and men, it will change according to how 'feminine' or 'masculine' you are. This scent therefore helps with balancing the make and female sides of us, harmonising that strength and softness within. It helps rougher males find their sensitive side, and women who hold themselves back, feel more confident.
This scent is particularly enjoyed by young girls (they just love it) and tends to be a very 'personal' one... people who know they need it simply adore it, and those who are not drawn can find it overly strong.
The aroma is lush and spicy, almost intoxicating at times, which can be heavenly and supportive if you need it.
If you are seeking love, or are looking for balance to attract the right partner, then this scent has significant power for you!

Love_Essence_massagerBest places to use it

Being so sensual, this scent is wonderful on all the energy centres - heart, sexual areas, and anywhere you are feeling unbalanced or blocked.
As it is a rich aroma, it is best using this when you are drawn, as it can be strong around the head and face if used extensively.
The spray is wonderful on the body or in places that are special to you, like your private bedroom or parlour / altar.
Being a love essence, it is also brilliant for couples to share together, to do little massages together, and as a gift for him or her as it will feel masculine to him and feminine to her.
This is an essence that is deep and special and needs to go to the right people who need its qualities!

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