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Happy Essence

... for bliss & relaxation!


Spray (50 ml): Ylang ylang essential oil, jasmine oil, solubiliser, filtered water, happy vibes

Massager (10 ml): Ylang ylang essential oil, jasmine oil, grapeseed oil, happy vibes



It assists sensuality, gentleness, calmness and elegance.  It's a wonderful aroma for your mum or a beautiful woman, being delicately floral.  Sensitive men also find it deeply soothing and restful.  As it's so light and gentle, you can massage for long periods of time with it and not tire of the scent.  It's also the best blend to help go to sleep at night.


Best places to use it

This scent is ideal for sore and sensitive locations. With the massager, this can include temples, jaw, head, neck and shoulders, a tender stomach, cramps, or even sensual areas.

The spray is ideal for pillows and linen to help sleep at night, to use on potpourri or dried flowers to make a room feel lovely, or just on your face and body when you want to freshen up.

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