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Edible Essence

... for uplift & balance!


Drops (15 ml): Filtered water, contains 1% alcohol, Adam & Eve Essences vibes


This essence is in Drops form, designed to be taken internally, under the tongue, or in food & water.

It is designed to be a health tonic, a simple way to bring balance into the body, and to support wellbeing.

The drops feel quite cleansing and uplifting, and can assist with clarity and presence.  They can also be used in an emergency to feel calmer, if something stressful has happened.

Adding the drops to food or water can enhance the resonance of what you are consuming, so it feels more aligned with your needs.

Best places to use it

As the Edible Essence is used internally, it means it is taken to exactly where your body needs it.

Like a flower essence or homeopathic remedy, just use the dropper and once consumed, it goes to work.

Those who can feel subtleties can often pick it up helping to balance a certain part of their body that has been weak or not flowing.

As it works quite subtly, its benefits may not be immediately obvious, although they can be felt if you are sensitive to this.

You can direct the essence to go to various parts of your body simply by setting that intent (easily done in meditation), but for most people, they will simply let the essence work by itself.  You can use any number of drops you need, generally the more stressed or out of balance you are, the more you will benefit from.

As it is the only essence that you do not have to decide where to use it on your body, it can complement a spray and a massager as a set, as it works on quite different levels.

When using the Edible Essence, ensure that the dropper does not touch the tongue, to remain pure, for best results.

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