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Aromatherapy Essences
Aromatherapy products to balance, uplift & release tension

Choosing an Essence

Which Adam & Eve Essence shall I choose?

Choosing a blend

There are a number of ways to  choose the essence that is right for you.  These include:

  • Instinctively, which one are you drawn to?
  • Which aromas do you prefer?  'Happy' is floral, 'Healthy' is tropical, for example.
  • Which colour appeals?  For example green for 'Success' or lilac for 'Soothing'
  • Which name resonates, such as 'Success' or 'Love'?
  • Do you want to relax ('Happy', 'Soothing' or 'Edible') or be energised ('Success' or 'Love')? ('Healthy' can be either)
  • You may already know which one you like!
  • If you are really not sure, or it is a gift for someone else, you are welcome to contact me for suggestions

Choosing a massager, spray or drops

  • Massagers are the most popular, as they go the deepest.  The blends are highly concentrated and last a long time.  They are rolled onto the body.  They come in 5 aromas
  • Sprays are light and easy to use and suitable for small areas.  They disperse a lot more than massagers.  They come in 5 aromas
  • Drops work internally and go where your body needs them.  Drops come in two blends.

Choosing a pack

  • You can choose any combination of essences in a pack
  • Most popular are the massagers packs (as most people prefer massagers), or mixed packs where you can get sprays, massagers or drops combined as you wish
  • Some people like one aroma a lot and therefore get multiples in their pack
  • For ease, One of each packs are listed for sale as is, but you can get variations if you mention this with your order
  • See the Stockist & wholesale section for more information about getting sufficient quantities for resale, distribution or gifts

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"My elbow pain has lifted"

"I used the love roll-on and am feeling so positive"

"These are the best products I've ever used"

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