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Aromatherapy Essences
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Adam & Eve Essences Testimonials

"I am simply blown away by the power of this stuff!"

"Dear Dianna. This product is amazing. I'm only sleeping 4-5 hours per night. Waking up feeling recharged, inspired and purposeful. Each morning I meditate and set intentions into the Sacred Drops and then sip once for each of the things I will be doing through the day. I have noticed my intention flowing effortlessly - as though it is in the very cells of my body... and then I realise that it IS!!! I include my coaching clients and THEY are experiencing elevated energy levels and great business results. I am simply blown away by the power of this stuff! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!" Dunstan Bertschinger,

"The biggest sales day ever!"

"I sell big machines and only need to sell 2 items a year to make a comfortable living. On the day I tried the Sacred Drops, I sold 3 machines in one day, the biggest sales day ever! When I took a drop, I set an intention for love & abundance and look what happened!!!" Phil

"My elbow pain has lifted"

"I had a pain that I was putting up with on my elbow, when I was shown the Soothing Essence. After a few quick rolls of the massager, the pain just lifted. It reminded me of how pain can sometimes just seem like blocked energy that needs releasing - and these products do it easily" S.D.

"I used the love roll-on and am feeling so positive"

"Your Adam & Eve essences are amazing and have really helped me. I have used all my products except for the Goddess 'Love' roll-on which I used only the other morning and I am feeling so positive and loving towards the Universe. Thank you." Alison

"I had no pain at all afterwards"

"I had an aching ankle and you used the massager on it for a few minutes and it was amazing, I had no pain at all for 2 days afterwards" Jacqui

"These are the best products I've ever used"

"These are the best products I've ever used.  I can get cranky and snappy but since I've started using them I've been in such a good place.  They have had a huge effect on me in a good way.

I usually get knee pain when I bend over and decided to put some of the massager on it. When I stood up there was only the slightest twinge, it helped heaps"  S.W.

"Edible Essence has helped me speak up for myself"

"I have been using the Edible Essence and Success Spray every morning before I go to work. What has happened to me since I started using the drops and spray are:

I am able to stand in my own power, to speak up for my self when in the past I would just swallow my words.

I have more confidence to step outside my square and try and do things that I thought I never would do, be willing to stand up and be counted.

I have more energy and stamina - not as tired at the end of the day.

My spiritual work has just opened up - I am more trusting of the messages I receive and the words I deliver while doing readings or treatments.

It has now got to the point that I know each day if I have missed using the drops and spray."  Mary

"It kept us awake in the course"

"My son and I attended a training course together.  I was using the Success massager and gave it to him as well, and he liked it.  We both noticed it kept us alert and got us through the afternoon easier than usual.  I can tend to nod off if I'm not paying attention, and I found this time my concentration levels were a lot better" Colleen

"I can now lift my arm without pain"

"I first tried the products when I had really bad shoulder pain, and it hurt to even lift my arm to drink out of a cup.  As I used the massager on my arm and neck area, I could feel myself releasing tension in my stomach and nearby.  A lot of things were re-settling and I was really pleased when I went to have a glass of water and could actually lift my arm up without it aching.  It was the first time in weeks that it wasn't incredibly sore. Thankyou" Kareena

"I love your products"

"I love your products!  I've been telling everybody about your 'magic potions' and how great they make me feel.  I feel more relaxed and happy, and more patient than I usually am.  I think I look better too, probably because I feel so good.

I was using the Healthy spray and Success massager and also put some on my partner last night.  Today his energy levels have been amazing.  He's been working in the shed and I've barely seen him, and when I have he's totally motivated and organised.  He got up really early too, and shows no signs of stopping yet.  I feel the same, I have heaps of energy and feel ready to get some bigger tasks done.  It's like the high you feel from having a drink except we haven't had anything!!!

I'm so glad I met you, I was definitely meant to!" Simone

"I can feel the Edible Essence helping my body"

"Your Edible drops are fantastic.  I really love using them, I can always feel my body knowing just what to do with them.  One day I felt it helping my throat, the next time it went straight to my gut and went to work there to help me feel more balanced.  They're a great product"  Tania

"It took me back to a special place"

"That spray is amazing.  As soon as I felt it, it reminded me of a long forgotten childhood holiday of being overseas in the tropics, when life was blissful.  The Healthy spray had such powerful association for me, it really lifted me up.  Thankyou"  Helen

"I've been waiting for this blend"

"I've been waiting for this blend to come in Adam & Eve Essences!  Lavender and peppermint is a classic combination, I know it always makes me feel calmer and is great for taking away headaches.  Many people I know love it too" Kate

"Arthritis pain has disappeared"

"I rubbed the oil on my ankles every day where I have arthritis and the pain has disappeared - thankyou"  F.M

"My mind seems calmer"

“I never thought I would have seen the day where I swapped my collection of Chanel for Adam & Eve Essences. I love the smells and have felt a sense of peace since I have been using the Happy & Success massagers, as my mind seems calmer with less chatter going on” Leanne

"It allows me to be more in tune"

“I have been using the Love Essence spray as an aftershave, after I received it from my partner. I discovered it balances my male side and and allows me to be more in tune with her needs. I also noticed that when I wear it, it smells more ‘masculine’, but when she uses it, it smells more ‘sweet’. So it changes to harmonise to whoever’s using it” Peter

"I felt so sensual"

"I used the spray and felt so energised and sensual all day"  Y.G.

"Couldn't believe the relief"

“I had a huge sciatica problem that was causing me agony, I could barely walk. I used the Happy massager on my lower back and couldn’t believe the relief. There were twinges and sensations all over my body as I was rolling it on. I was so excited I walked laps of where I was working – without pain!!! Thank you so much” Ellen

"I kept feeling better and better"

"I used the products throughout the day and kept feeling better and better, at the end I realised most of my problems had gone"  M.Q.

"My headache has gone"

"I just used the Healthy massager on my temples and my headache has gone" B.L.

"My wrinkles have disappeared"

"I love using your Happy essence spray, I have been using it on my face every day and my wrinkles have disappeared"  D.I.

"I feel back in my power"

"Thanks for your great remedy, I feel back in my power"  Dennis (after using the Success massager on his heart, after a relationship breakup)

"I still feel refreshed"

"I used the lemongrass and lime spray earlier and I still feel refreshed two hours later!"  R.M.

"I feel happy when I spray it"

"I love the Happy spray, I just think of feeling happy when I spray it and it works!  My partner and I love spraying it on each other"  M.E.

"I can see new possibilities in my relationship"

"I have been using the Healthy massager on my third eye (forehead) every day and I'm not as stressed as I was about my relationship, I can see new possibilities in it"  E.S.

"I am simply blown away by the power of this stuff!"

"My elbow pain has lifted"

"I used the love roll-on and am feeling so positive"

"These are the best products I've ever used"

"Edible Essence has helped me speak up for myself"