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Adam & Eve Essences News

Practitioners wanted for major expos!

These expos may include:

  • Mind Body Spirit Festival (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - November & June)
  • Body Mind Psychic (Adelaide - June)
  • Starlight Wellbeing Festival (Byron Bay - January & June)
  • Conscious Living Festival (Perth - November)
  • Other local or international festivals (contact me to suggest an event)

Want to do your own work at a major festival and get paid for it?

Join our stand and be there without paying stall fees!

We are seeking a few natural therapists to work at any or all of these festivals, for as many of the days as possible.

Practitioners with a variety of modalities are suited, especially those which can be tailored to doing 15, 30 or 60 minute sessions, like massage, energy healing, reiki, coaching, counselling, spiritual guidance or other treatments.

Every practitioner will be sharing Adam & Eve Essences by offering a 'Free magic massage' to attendees to the stand, and practitioners can offer sessions of their own healing work to attendees.

The essences create a connected space, making it very easy to connect with others and sense how you can assist them, and the space can hone your sales, communication and intuitive skills.

Practitioners also receive a copy of all the visitor contact details, and can hand out their business cards and flyers.

The sales of the essences pay for the stand and practitioners will be paid 50% for any sessions they do, as well as commissions for products sold.

The stall offers a great space for insight and developing and marketing your holistic business. Beyond the show there is also a business opportunity if you would like to explore this.

Participation costs

There are a few costs associated with this opportunity, these include:

  • Each practitioner needs to purchase either a 6 pack or 'One of each' pack of Adam & Eve Essences, to practise the demonstrations and become familiar with the products. They are yours to keep for your personal use and you will be contacted prior to the show to receive training. The 'One of each' pack option attracts higher commissions than the 6 pack.


  • A marketing poster (cost $15) will be produced which is kept at the stand to promote your modalities. Your details will be confirmed prior to the show.
  • There is also a $50 commitment bond which you will get back upon the completion of your shifts.

Practitioners will not need to pay for any stall fees or entry fees, which can cost thousands!

This is a powerful training space which aligns you with an effective way to promote yourself. While there is no guarantee you'll attract sessions (it's up to you), it will leave you in an empowered space knowing what you need to do.

Here's what some recent team members experienced:

"I got so much more out of it than I thought. I've sold a lot of things and was amazed how connected I felt to this, and I got a lot of clients which I didn't expect"

"I had such a good time. The products are beautiful and all the people I met were great. I learnt a lot and would love to do more in future when I am ready to take the next step with my work"

"Everything flowed beautifully, I wouldn't call myself intuitive before but keep finding myself saying the right things to people, just what they needed to hear. I got a lot of sessions and can see myself doing a lot more work in this area now, which will be great"

The minimum commitment is for one and a half days if you have not worked with us before, and to communicate any times / dates you would like to be there so we can arrange that.

Expressions of interest sought

Please advise which festivals / cities you are interested in attending.  Once an expo is confirmed, you will be contacted to confirm your participation and arrange payments.  Your practitioner details will then be requested and training will be arranged to prepare you for the show.

I look forward to hearing from you soon so we can create a supportive space for you to build your business!

Please ask if you have any questions or let me know if you are interested in participating.


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New cases for Adam & Eve Essences - free customer offer!


Hi everyone

For a long time I have been looking for a convenient way to improve the durability of the Adam & Eve Essences massagers. The little glass bottles are really handy, feel amazing and keep the oils really vibrant... but accidents can happen if they are dropped on hard surfaces.

I've found a great solution! I've sourced some special cases that can be placed around any massager bottle (re-used if you like) to protect them ... they are semi-transparent so unless you're displaying the bottle it's great just to put the case on and leave it on!  See the pictures below...

(L-R Massager / with base protective case / with full case)

All new products sold will now come with a set of cases.

If you are an existing Adam & Eve Essences customer, please contact me if you would like a set for your products (I will usually send a set for free if you send me a stamped self addressed envelope and cover the delivery (about $1.. more for NZ)... and it's $2 extra if you want more than one sent).  I will also let you know where to send the envelope.

You'll also need to let me know which essence/s you have and how you are going with them, so I know you're an existing customer!

Hope this helps you enjoy your Adam & Eve Essences more fully, I look forward to hearing from you!

Many blessings, Dianna

Ingenious use for Adam & Eve Essences

Hi everyone!

I was just at an expo where a lovely gal bought some Adam & Eve Essences from me, and mentioned how she used them on herself - and I was very inspired and thought I would share it with you!

She connects with the angels and actually used the massagers a bit like a writing implement, and drew energising symbols on herself.

The ones she told me about were drawing a cross, representing protection with Archangel Michael, and another symbol for another one of her angels.

I decided to try it too, and felt very supported all day, and had an unbelievably successful day at the event. She also had a great day where she did lots of healing and her energy levels didn't drop like they had in the past.

There's all sort sorts of symbols you could use - a peace symbol, or draw hearts all over yourself, use Reiki symbols or even write affirmations on yourself. The way the essences are made, 'writing' with them will assist that intent to be fulfilled.

You may also remember the scene from What the Bleep Do we Know where the main actress wrote symbols on herself for healing and altered her perception of herself...

As it's only oil you wont 'see' it but the imprint will work extremely well without it needing to be rubbed off or further attended to, and your body will simply absorb that information.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you go! If you're not sure what the essences are all about, please see, and you can order them online as well.


Many blessings, Dianna

Like being kissed by an angel!

Hi everyone

There were so many highlights at the Alice Springs Psychic Expo, but I must say I'll never forget the little boy that visited with mum and nanna. They were both commenting that he loved the Adam & Eve Essences and sat very quietly and even asked for more, he must have been only 3 or 4 years old. Kids love positive energy and the products are really uplifting so he was picking up on them really easily. Anyway, mum bought some essences and went away to do some readings around the room and I thought they'd gone, but they came back to say goodbye... and this sweet little boy gave me a big kiss on my cheek and said thankyou. It was like being kissed by an angel! Aaaaw!

Cheers, Dianna

Set the intention for Success!

Hi everyone

For me, the Mornington Peninsula BetterLife Expo was all about "Success" - in that most people who visited our stand picked out our lemongrass and lime 'Success Essence' as their favourite! It was also curious, that although there weren't that many people there, we were really busy all day and the vision I had in the morning of the outcome once again eventuated! So, that's the power of intuition, you simply set the intention and the universe somehow takes care of the details!

Regards, Dianna

"I am simply blown away by the power of this stuff!"

"My elbow pain has lifted"

"I used the love roll-on and am feeling so positive"

"These are the best products I've ever used"

"Edible Essence has helped me speak up for myself"