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Aromatherapy Essences
Aromatherapy products to balance, uplift & release tension

What are Adam & Eve Essences?

Adam & Eve Essences contain essential oils and come in a massager, spray and drops for easy use.


Spray your way to
a better mood

Uplift your face, body or a small area with this invigorating spray. It’s available in many aromas and is perfect for a quick lift!


Featuring the unique
magic massager

Available in many aromas and easy to apply, this compact massager is perfect to release tension anywhere on your body!


Indulge the
edible drops

Our unscented drops rebalance you internally, by using it under your tongue or in food & water.


"I am simply blown away by the power of this stuff!"

"My elbow pain has lifted"

"I used the love roll-on and am feeling so positive"

"These are the best products I've ever used"

"Edible Essence has helped me speak up for myself"

Which essence is for me?

Discover your favourite essence in the Garden of Eden above, or use the guide to choosing your essence


"I love your products! I've been telling everybody about your 'magic potions' and how great they make me feel. I feel more relaxed and happy, and more patient than I usually am. I think I look better too, probably because I feel so good. My favourites are the Success spray & massager" Simone

"I just used the Healthy massager on my temples and my headache has gone" Dennis

"I had a huge lower back problem that was causing me agony, I could barely walk. I used the Happy massager there and couldn't believe the relief. I was so excited I walked laps of where I was working, without pain!" Ellen

"I rubbed the Love oil on my ankles every day where I have arthritis and the pain has disappeared - thankyou." Frances

"The Soothing essence massager just lifted my elbow pain after a few quick rolls" S.D.

"The Edible essence has helped my spiritual work open up" Mary

"I sell big machines and only need to sell 2 items a year to make a comfortable living. On the day I tried the Sacred drops, I sold 3 machines in one day, the biggest sales day ever! When I took a drop, I set an intention for love & abundance and look what happened!!!" Phil

Pamper yourself now!

Give yourself or a loved one a Free Magic Massage with the products – you may have experienced this at one of our events!
Enjoy so many uses & let your imagination run wild as you feel better than ever!

"It really is magic, because people are feeling relaxed and all you're doing is rolling something on them" Jade, age 7, at a show

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