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About Dianna

I have been offering my work for over a decade all over the world, including Mind Body Spirit Festivals, etc., both in private sessions, workshops and as a keynote speaker.

It centres on Intuitive Therapies – using intuition and many healing techniques to release pain & stress.

How Did It Start?

I had a fairly normal upbringing, and after school went to university and got two degrees in mathematics.

While I had good corporate jobs and lifestyle, I had some particularly bad accidents I ended up with chronic pain & fatigue and many food allergies… and medical specialists were not much help, having tried a few!

In search of health & balance, I explored many holistic fields and eventually created holistic social events to bring like-minded people together.

By this time I had met so many people who introduced me to healing techniques, and I trained in many of them.

By taking charge of my own healing, my health improved enormously, all my food allergies went and my body started to feel really strong.

I started going to various healing groups and one day started doing a spontaneous psychic reading and healing, without ever being shown. I knew that somehow I had something special inside me, that was unique.

The more I started developing my intuition, the stronger it got. After a while I was shown to combine all my other healing modalities that I’d trained in, into one profound process. My healing work was born!

Since then I have worked at Mind Body Spirit Festivals and many smaller events all over Australia and New Zealand and overseas, helping many thousands of people, with all sorts of issues. I’ve lost count how many people I’ve kept out of surgeries, or who have broken down and cried, or walked out with huge smiles on their faces with the relief showing and a new sense of lightness, strength and wholeness.

I’d love to help you if I can.

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